Search for Interactions

Use the Interactions application to find interactions within a defined date range.

The interactions you can see in the search results depend on the view assigned to you. For example, the view may limit the results to interactions for your team.

Use Case: Coaching

Let's say you want to identify agents on the Sales team who would benefit from specialized coaching.

For example, you can focus your search results on:

  • Incoming voice calls with screen recording

  • Categorized as Abandoned Call

  • Agents from the sales team

  • Tagged #coaching

Limit your search results using these filters:

  • Channel: Voice with screen

  • Direction: Incoming

  • Category: Abandoned Call

  • Team name: Sales

  • User-generated hashtag: #coaching

If you want to only include results with a higher confidence match, select Limit to High Confidence for the category.