Manage Data Access

Create Views

Views allow you to control access to interaction and employee data. Interaction data includes chat transcripts or recordings. Employee data includes user information. Only employees you assign to a view have access to the data specified in the view. Each view can manage access to one type of data. The default setting allows users to view all the data available. By assigning a view to a user, you are removing their access to all data except what is specified in the view. See Manage Access to ACD Data to manage access to ACD-related data.

  1. Click the app selector and select Admin.
  2. Go to Security > Views.
  3. Click New View.
  4. Enter a View Name and a Description.
  5. Select the Type of data you want to restrict access to.

  6. In the Teams drop-down, select each team whose data you want employees to be able to access when they are assigned to this view.
  7. Click Create.

Assign Views to Employees

You can assign views to employees manually in the employee profile. You can also assign them with the bulk upload employee template.

  1. Click the app selector and select Admin.
  2. Click Employees.
  3. Locate the employee you want to assign to a view to. Click to open the employee profile.
  4. Click Visibility.
  5. In the Select Views drop-down, select the views you want to give the employee.

  6. Click Apply, then click Save.
  7. Continue assigning views to employees as needed.