Troubleshoot Recordings

Are your interactions recording as you anticipated? If not, troubleshoot as described.

Basic Checks

Identify Recording Errors

  1. In the Interactions application, use the date picker and free text to find segments.

  2. To show the recording alert column, click Columns... and select the Recording Alerts column (see Customize Columns).

  3. Filter the search results using the Recording Alert filter, or sort the search results by the Recording Alerts column.

    • ScreenAgent error—There are multiple reasons, such as the agent doesn't have ScreenAgentClosed NICE ScreenAgent is a service that runs on agent desktops that require screen recording. installed, or there's an error with ScreenAgent. See Resolve ScreenAgent Issues.

    • No connection to media server—No recording. There was a problem with the media server. Contact NICE CXone support.

    • Voice recorder could not record call—No recording. There was a problem with the voice recorder. Contact NICE CXone support.

    • Audio not available: incomplete audio data—Audio isn't available for this interaction (incomplete audio data). Contact NICE CXone support.

    • Audio not available: missing audio packets—Audio isn't available for this interaction (missing audio packets). Contact NICE CXone support.

    • System error—Recording did not start or another general error. Contact NICE CXone support.

    • Call too short—Call is less than 4 seconds so cannot be recorded.

    • Masking failed—Failed to mask recording. You can play back the recording to check if there is any sensitive data. To delete the recording, click ActionScreenshot of the actions button and select Delete Recordings.

    • Recording stopped on demand—Recording stopped by the user.

    • Pending deletion—A request was submitted to delete the voice and screen recordings for this segment. Check the Activity Audit Report for more information. Once the recordings are deleted, only metadata and any transcripts will be available for this segment.

    • Recordings deleted—Voice and screen recordings were deleted by a user. Check the Activity Audit Report for more information. Only metadata and any transcripts are available for this segment.

Resolve ScreenAgent Issues

  • For agents who have Windows 10 and only 1 of their screens is recorded, or the screen is black, blurry, or cut off during playback, then download the newest version of ScreenAgent.

  • When monitoring an agent in Supervisor, the agent's screen may show as black or cut off. This can happen when ScreenAgent is running and the agent connects an additional computer screen. On the agent's computer, go to Windows Task Manager and end all ScreenAgent.exe tasks. The ScreenAgentWatchDog.exe will automatically restart ScreenAgent.

FAQs for ScreenAgent