Integrate CRMs into Agent Applications

The information on this help page applies to both CXone Studio and Desktop Studio.

You can integrate data from a CRMClosed Third-party systems that manage such things as contacts, sales information, support details, and case histories. into CXone Agent, CXone Agent Embedded, or CXone Agent Integrated. This allows you to share data between the agent application and your CRM.

If your agents use one of these applications, you can add workflows to the agent application that perform certain kinds of functions. For example, workflows include tasks such as creating cases or contacts. You can configure the data you want to share between the CRM and the agent application. There are two ways to share data:

  • Data memorialization: You can choose the data fields that you want to connect between the applications. When the field changes in one application, it automatically updates in the other.
  • Data mapping: You can configure CRM data fields to appear in the customer card in the agent application.

Custom scripting is required to set up data memorialization and mapping between the agent application and your CRM. The scripting uses two Studio actions: 

  • Agent Workflow Configuration action
  • Workflow Execute action

There are separate scripting tasks to complete to configure each kind of data sharing. These scripting tasks are part of a larger process to integrate the CRM and the agent application. The entire process is outlined in separates online help pages each supported agent application: