Get Custom Fields

This help page is for CXone Studio. This information is also available for Desktop Studio.

A rectangle with a short horizontal line inside and an arrow pointing down.

Retrieves custom fields for the specified contact. You can use this action to bring values from custom fields into your script. These values can come from sources such as pre-chat forms or CRMClosed Third-party systems that manage such things as contacts, sales information, support details, and case histories. integrations.

For example, you may ask the contact to provide their date of birth as part of their pre-chat interaction prior to talking with an agent. Including GET Custom Fields in your script allows that information to be populated into the Studio script. You can use the data to make more precise routing decisions. The data could also be used to automate or script a process.

This is the digital equivalent of the CC Custom Fields action.


  • This action requires Digital Experience.
  • Before working with digital scripts, learn about the differences between traditional ACD scripts and digital scripts.
  • You can use more than one GET Custom Fields for one contact.
  • The data includes fingerprints from chat channels, if available.

Supported Script Types


Comparison of Similar Actions

The following actions allow you to access Digital Experiencecustomer cards from digital scripts types: 

To perform the same tasks in supported non-digital scripts, use: 

Input Properties

These properties define data that the action uses when executing.



Add Caption

Enter a short phrase that uniquely identifies this action in the script. The caption appears on the script canvas under the action icon.

Contact Id

The contact IDClosed A unique numerical identifier assigned to each contact for which you want to obtain details.

Output Properties

These properties contain variables that hold data returned from executing the action. They're available for reference and use when the action completes.




Holds the value indicating whether this contact has abandoned the interaction. The default variable is AbandonStatus.


Holds the contact's custom field values. The default is ContactCustomFields.


Holds the contact's custom field values from the customer card. The default is CustomerCustomFields.


Holds the contact's fingerprintClosed The contact's unique ID on the platform for the channel where the interaction is taking place.. The default variable is CustomerFingerprint.


Holds the contact's current status. The default is DigitalContactStatus.

Branch Conditions

Result branch conditions allow you to create branches in your script to handle different outcomes when an action executes.



Default Path taken unless the script meets a condition that requires it to take one of the other branches. It is also taken if the action's other branches are not defined.

The path taken when the action doesn't execute properly. For example, when there's an unexpected problem, such as poor connectivity, syntax errors, HTTP error codes, and so on. The ERR variable should be populated with a condensed explanation of the problem.


Path taken if the action completes without errors and any API calls or data returns were successful (2xx response codes).