Coming Soon in the December 2022 Minor Release

This page shows features currently planned for the December 2022 Minor release. Features are subject to change between now and the final release dates. Users will be able to access these features, depending on their permissions and purchased applications, once their tenantClosed High-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your CXone environment has been updated.

The online help continues to reflect the previous version of the product being used by most customers.

Bot Builder


You will be able to organize intents and entities into folders. This experience will also be applied to stories and rules. Any existing organization you have for stories and rules will be automatically converted to the new folder structure.

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Bot Skills

You will be able to categorize things your bot can do into skills. These are not the same as the skills used in ACD. You will be able to add any folder to a skill. This means bot skills will be able to contain stories, rules, intents, entities, or forms. You will be able to filter the view of your data by each bot skill.

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CXone Supervisor

New Skills Tab

There will be a new Skills tab on both the Insights and Live Monitoring pages. The Skills tab will replace the Queue widget on the Insights page.

Using this tab, you will gain better visibility into your agents' ACD skills. This will enable you to optimize your queues efficiently.

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Modify Agent State

You will be able to modify an agent state to properly reflect their current status. This will ensure the contact queue is handled correctly.

To change the agent state, you will have to enable the Modify Agent State permission. In CXone, go to Admin > Security > Roles and Permissions > Permissions. The permission will be under Supervisor.

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Changes to Categorization of Actions on Framework Tab

Changes will be made to the Framework tab in Studio. Some category folders will be renamed. Others will be consolidated to reduce the total number of categories. Additionally, all actions on the Framework tab will be located inside category folders. The Filter feature on the Framework tab will not be impacted by the changes. These changes will simplify the Framework tab and make it easier to find the actions you're looking for.

The Framework tab is not visible in Studio by default. It must be enabled by your CXone Account Representative.

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Workforce Management (CXone)

Improved Notifications for the Mobile App

Agents will receive a consolidated email from CXone WFM about schedule changes. They will get only important push notifications on the mobile app, not for each activity change.

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