CXone Agent

This overview is for agents. If you're an administrator, learn about administration tasks in CXone Agent.

This content is for a product or feature in controlled release (CR). If you have questions not answered in the online help, talk to your manager.

CXone Agent is a browser-based application that allows you to interact with contacts through:

You can handle multiple interactions at the same time. Depending on how your company uses CXone Agent, you can use a physical phone or Integrated Softphone for voice interactions. Integrated Softphone allows you to use your browser's voice capabilities to handle calls.

To launch CXone Agent, navigate to:

Then enter your CXone credentials.

The CXone Agent Interface

A screen with a left navigation menu, active interactions in the middle, and the App Space on the right displaying Customer Card.

CXone Agent includes the:

  • Left Navigation Menu —Displays the different apps available in CXone Agent.
  • Interactions Menu—Shows an icon for each active interaction.
  • Voice Control Panel —Offers useful options for handling voice contacts, such as mute, hold, and record. Appears only while you're handling a call.
  • App Space—Provides access to customer data through Customer Card and Contact History. Also displays some of the same apps from the side navigation menu.

Left Navigation Menu

This table lists the clickable icons in the left navigation menu in CXone Agent and details about the space each icon opens.

Icon Details

icon, a house.

Your primary landing page. This is where active contacts are displayed.

Contact History
icon, a clock with an arrow.

Shows details about your past interactions, including:

icon, a file folder.

Opens the interactions menu with the contacts assigned to you. When you have active assignments, a blue bubble with the number of assignments appears next to the Assignment icon Assignment icon: a file folder, with a circle with the number three inside..

icon, stacked items in a container.
Displays the calls waiting for you to answer. You can click Phone Icon of a phone. under Channel to see the queue details for each of your voice skillsClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge.
icon, a notebook with a picture of a person on it.
Contains contact information for customers and other agents in your contact center. You can search for names, skills, and teams. Hover over an entry to see the available channels for that contact. Select a channel to start an outbound interaction.
icon, a calendar.
Displays your daily schedule.
icon, a checklist.
Opens your WEM agent space, where you can manage your schedule, request time off, and trade shifts.
icon, a gear.
Launches your configurable settings.
icon, three horizontal dots.
Shows all the apps available in CXone Agent, including those that didn't fit in the left navigation menu. You can change the apps that appear in the left navigation menu and the order they appear in by clicking Reorder icon, six dots in a two by three grid. next to an app and dragging.

Interactions Menu

These icons appear when you have an active interaction for that channel type.

  • Icon of a phone.—Call
  • Icon of a speech bubble.—Chat
  • Icon of an envelope.—Email
  • Icon of a smartphone.—SMS (text message)
  • The Facebook logo, a letter "F" inside a circle.Facebook message
  • The Twitter logo, a bird inside a square.Twitter message
  • The Instagram logo, a camera.Instagram message
  • The WhatsApp logo, a phone inside a speech bubble.WhatsApp message

Voice Control Panel

This table lists the clickable icons in the voice control panel in CXone Agent and details about what you can do by clicking them.

Icon Details
icon: two vertical lines forming a pause symbol.
Place the contact on hold so you can ask your supervisor a question or find the answer to the contact's question.
icon: a megaphone crossed out.
Mute your microphone so that the contact cannot hear you.

icon: a microphone crossed out.

Play white noise over the call recording. Useful to hide sensitive information about a contact, such as their social security number and address.

icon: a circle inside a ring.
Record the call. When finished, the recording appears in the Interactions app in CXone.
icon: two arrows pointing opposite directions, one to the right and one to the left.
Transfer the contact to another agent or skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge.
icon: nine squares.
Open a keypad. Useful if you need to press a number while making an outbound call.
icon: a box with an arrow pointing up.
View a list of available indicatorsClosed Custom menu items configured by an administrator for the call.
Hang Up
icon: a phone facing down.
End the call.
icon: a check mark inside a circle.
Assign a dispositionClosed Result assigned by the agent or system at the end of a voice (disposition) or digital (status) interaction. to the call.

App Space

When you select an interaction in CXone Agent, the App Space appears on the right. In addition to some of the same apps shown in the left navigation menu, the App Space displays specific apps to help you handle that interaction. These may include:

Icon Details
Customer Card
icon: a person next to a document.
Displays the customer's contact information, such as phone number and email. Also includes contact history and channels.

Quick Replies
icon: a lightning bolt.

Displays reply templates you can select, customize, and send.