Agent for Salesforce Release History

Version 23.9

Released 13 October 2023

Fixed Issues

  • When agents used an outbound voice skill with post contact set to Automatic Wrap-up or Disposition, answering a call caused the ACW timer to reset to 0 and not change. (SF-12644)

  • Some text in Agent for Salesforce wasn't properly translated into Chinese Simplified. (SF-12673)

  • Multiple clicks on the Transfer/Conf button could lead to call delays. This happened because multiple getSfResult log events were triggered with each click. These have been reduced to improve the response time. (SF-12676)

  • Some text on the Agent for Salesforce login page wasn't properly translated into Japanese. (SF-12540)

  • When users set the integrated softphone settings to a device name with more than 255 characters, the change wasn't saved. (SF-12682)

  • Screen pops for Personal Connection calls didn't appear as expected. (SF- 12709)

  • When calls were connected over WebRTC, the dialing event wasn't being sent. As a result, when agents took subsequent calls, their agent state became stuck and their calls were sometimes automatically refused. The dialing event is now being sent. (SF- 12696)

Version 23.8

Released 1 September 2023

New Features

Add Agent Custom Settings to Navigation Items

You can add Agent Custom Settings to the navigation items in your Agent for Salesforce Lightning apps. This allows you quickly access to these settings.

Customer Request UI Change

Fixed Issues

  • When a DFO case was unassigned in Agent for Salesforce Lightning, it went into the wrong queue. (SF-12496)

  • When an agent unassigned a digital chat, causing it to route to another agent, both agents received a notification when the contact closed the chat. (SF-12512)

  • In Agent for Salesforce Classic with presence sync enabled, logging out didn't update the OMNI channel to offline. (SF-12461)

  • The RTIG package for Agent for Salesforce was out of date. (SF-12391)

  • When an agent sent an XLSX file using chat, and the contact downloaded and saved it, the saved file had a long file name. (SF-12502)

Version 23.7

Released 22 August 2023

New Features

Ability to Increase Custom Settings

A limitation in Salesforce caused agents to sometimes receive a "Custom Setting Limit exceeded" error when they tried to open the Agent for Salesforce home page. It prevented them from logging in.

Administrators can now increase the setting limit to prevent and resolve this issue.

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Version 23.6

Released 28 July 2023

New Features

CXone Agent WebRTC Extension

When agents log in to Agent for Salesforce Lightning using the Integrated Softphone option without the CXone Agent WebRTC Extension installed, the are prompted to install it. Using the CXone Agent WebRTC Extension creates an enhanced call experience.

Customer Request UI Change

Audio Code Library Update

Agent for Salesforce Lightning has been updated to use a more recent version the audio code library.

Customer Request UI Change

Version 23.5

Released 14 July 2023

New Features

Hide Agent Presence Permission Added

When the Agent Visibility permission for Hide Agent Presence is off, agents in Agent for Salesforce can no longer see other agents' presence status. They can only call or transfer to other agents directly.

Customer Request UI Change

Fixed Issues

  • After upgrading to Agent for Salesforce version 23.x, when customers used Agent for Salesforce without the Agent Console open, the assigned contacts were not subscribed. This resulted in agents not being able to see messages from contacts in a DFO chat window. (SF-12367)

  • Very rarely, logging in to Agent for Salesforce produced an error that said "The provided client_id parameter is not valid." (SF-12375)

  • Agents couldn't handle work items because the Accept button was disabled. (SF-12338)

  • Two tasks were being created when an agent transferred a call to another agent. (SF-12429)

Version 23.4

Released 13 June 2023

New Features

Record Type Field Added

When you set up task creation settings, you can configure a Record Type for Salesforce tasks.

Customer Request UI Change

Fixed Issues

  • When an agent transferred a call to another agent, or made another outbound call after the call transfer, their name displayed incorrectly in the custom field of the task. (SF-12336)

Version 23.3

Released 17 May 2023

Fixed Issues

  • The Integrated Softphone produced a “Secondary Ring Tone Unavailable” error message after installing Agent for Salesforce v23.2. The selected ring tone showed “None” instead of the default device. (SF-12148)

  • When using the click-to-dial feature, agents saw an elevation dialog at the bottom of the page that shouldn't have appeared for an outbound call. (SF-12090)

  • When agents opened a QM evaluation notification, the notification was marked as read. When the agent logged out of Agent for Salesforce and logged back in, the notification was marked as unread again. (SF-12073)

  • When an agent handling an email took an inbound call and then returned to the email, the Quick Replies window disappeared. (SF-11940)

  • Agents handling emails would sometimes see attachments from the previous email inside the next email. (SF-12008)

  • Sometimes when an agent accepted a new chat request while typing a message in another chat window, the drafted chat message would disappear. (SF-12174)

Version 23.1

Released 27 March 2023

New Features

Schedule Visibility Improvement for Dual WFM Integrations

If IEX WFM and CXone Workforce Management are enabled and the agent has permissions to both, agents can see their schedules from both applications in CXone Agent for Salesforce Lightning. This allows agents to see their schedules without navigating away from the agent application.

Customer Request UI Change

Manual Selection for Name and Relates To Fields

When this setting is enabled in Salesforce for CXone Agent for Salesforce Lightning, it requires agents to manually select values for the Name and Relates To fields. This allows the agent to specify the input for these fields instead of limiting it to the automated value.

Customer Request UI Change

Regional Call Centers No Longer Valid

If you currently use the Regional Call Center setting, you must switch to the NICE CXone Call Center. This is required as a result of the move to CXone global authentication. If you continue to use the Regional Call Center setting, you will no longer be able to log in to Agent for Salesforce.

Customer Request UI Change

Fixed Issues

  • CustomScreenPop data would sometimes clear for an incoming call. (SF-11389)

  • When an agent opened the Salesforce Agent Settings, Agent for Salesforce Lightning wouldn't load. (SF-11379)

Version 22.3

Released 30 January 2023

Version 22.2 was renamed to 22.3 when it was released.

New Features

Restricting Directory History

When this setting is enabled in Salesforce for CXone Agent for Salesforce Lightning, agents cannot call or transfer to numbers listed in the directory history. This reduces the possibility that the agent incorrectly transfers the contact.

Customer Request UI Change

Transfer Salesforce Objects with Calls

When a call in CXone Agent for Salesforce Lightning is transferred to another agent, the Name and Relates To field values are transferred to the receiving agent along with it. This allows agents to be more efficient in handling transferred calls.

Customer Request UI Change

Dutch Language Support

Dutch is supported in CXone Agent for Salesforce Lightning.

Customer Request UI Change

Fixed Issues

  • Not all ACD SMS transcripts appeared in Salesforce Task Activity and some were incomplete. (SF-11340)

  • Agent for Salesforce didn't create a task for every call. (SF-11443)

Version 22.1

Released 3 January 2023

Fixed Issues

  • Incoming emails interrupted call transfers. (SF-11273)

  • When no match appeared for a custom query, the Custom Flow did not appear. (SF-11311)

Version 22.0

Released 18 November 2022

New Features

Permission to Block Outbound Calling

The Block Outbound Calling permission under MAX (Agent Interface) now blocks agents using Agent for Salesforce from making different types of outbound calls.

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Permission for Integrated Softphone Auto Accept

The Integrated Softphone Auto Accept permission under MAX (Agent Interface) now applies to agents using Integrated Softphone in Agent for Salesforce.

Customer Request UI Change

Entity Mapping for Name and Related To Fields

The settings configured for Entity mapping for Who & What Fields in Salesforce Agent Settings now applies to the Name and Related To fields as well.

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Fixed Issues

  • Preview dispositions didn't appear for agents using Salesforce Softphone. (SF-11097)

  • For some Personal Connection calls, agents couldn't see the contact or set a disposition. (SF-11104)

  • Inbound emails sometimes contained an extra letter "t" in place of tab spaces. (SF-11210)

Version 21.5

Released 10 October 2022

Version 21.4 deployed unsuccessfully. It was instead released as version 21.5.

Fixed Issues

  • When emails were long, email transcripts didn't fit in the transcript box. (SF-10878)

  • The quick reply pane showed duplicate entries. (SF-10853)

  • Agents couldn't transfer a call while it was in a ringing state. (SF-10779)

Version 21.3

Released 9 September 2023

New Features

Single Sign-On Configured in CXone

Previously, enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) for Agent for Salesforce required setup in Salesforce. Now, setting up SSO in CXone will enable SSO for Agent for Salesforce as well.

Customer Request UI Change

One Call Center

There is now only one call center listed under Setup > Call Centers: the NICE-inContact CXone call center. The process for configuring the call center has slightly changed. CXone FedRamp customers will need to change their CXone System Issuer to

Customer Request UI Change

Fixed Issues

  • Some environments experienced latency or high call refusal rates as the result of many get skill details API calls. (SF-10692)

  • When an agent transferring an active call went to the dial pad, the phone number entry field and the skills drop-down weren't available. (SF-10703)