Digital Channels

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This topic is for administrators. If you are an agent, see the user documentation for digital channels in Agent for Salesforce Lightning.

NICE CXone Digital First Omnichannel allows your agents to communicate with customers using digitalClosed Any channel, contact, or skill associated with Digital First Omnichannel. channelsClosed A way for contacts and agents to interact, such as voice, email, chat, social media, and so on. such as Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, as well as email, SMS, and chat. Digital First Omnichannel supports the Agent for Salesforce Lightning.

When you have configured Digital First Omnichannel in your environment, the only additional configuration you need to do is map contact details between Salesforce and Digital First Omnichannel.

Agent for Salesforce supports these digital channels: 

  • Chat—Supports the Digital First Omnichannel live chatClosed Agents and contacts interact on a real-time basis feature. This channel supports inbound and outbound chat interactions.
  • Email—Email through Digital First Omnichannel is separate from omnichannel email. This channel supports inbound and outbound email.
  • SMS—Supports SMS through Digital First Omnichannel. This is different from omnichannel SMS.
  • WhatsApp—Supports messaging in response to customer inquiries. Agent for Salesforce doesn't support sending proactive outbound messages with the WhatsApp channel.
  • Twitter—Supports Twitter direct messaging.
  • Facebook Messenger—Supports direct messaging using Facebook Messenger.
  • Instagram—Supports Instagram direct messaging.

Key Facts about Agent for Salesforce and Digital First Omnichannel

  • Agents do not need to accept each digital interaction. As digital interactions enter the agent's queue, they are automatically assigned to the agent.
  • Screen pops are based these inputs, which pass through from Digital First Omnichannel. They are not configurable.
    • Chat—First Name and Last Name
    • Email—Email Address
    • SMS—Phone Number
    • WhatsApp—WhatsApp Number (Mobile Number)
    • Twitter—Customer Name
    • Facebook Messenger—Customer Name
    • Instagram—Customer Name
  • Integrated softphone layout settings are based on searching these objects and fields: 
    • Account—Account Name
    • Contact—Name
    • Lead—Name
  • Reports for digital interactions are available through Digital First Omnichannel. There is 1 data download report for Digital First Omnichannel, the Digital Agent Set for Voice report.

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