Digital Channels

This topic is for agents. If you are an administrator, see the administrator documentation for digital channels in Agent for Salesforce.

If your organization uses Digital First Omnichannel, you can interact with contacts on digital channelsClosed A way for contacts and agents to interact, such as voice, email, chat, social media, and so on. using Agent for Salesforce Lightning. Digital channels include:

Not all channels may be available to you. Your administrator determines the channels you use to handle interactions.

Digital interactions are only supported with Agent for Salesforce Lightning.

Key Facts about Digital Channels

Digital Inbox

When you're set up to handle digitalClosed The master or parent ID for one or more related contacts. A new master contact ID will be assigned if a contact has been transferred 3 or more times. interactions, Agent for Salesforce displays a Digital tab. The Digital tab is your digital inbox, where you handle digital interactions.

Your administrator will assign you to one or more routing queuesClosed Digital First equivalent of a skill; routes each contact to an agent assigned to handle that type of contact. Routing queues determine which interactions come into your digital inbox. The system uses routing queues to make sure interactions go to the agents who have the skills or training to handle them. Routing queues can be based on channel, like Facebook or email. They can also be based on other criteria, such as agents who speak a certain language.

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry are agents with the Avonlea Boutique. Anne and Diana are assigned to the email routing queue. Because Diana speaks fluent French, she is also in the French routing queue. A French-speaking customer from Quebec contacts Avonlea Boutique by email. The system routes the interaction to Diana instead of Anne because Diana is in the email and French routing queues.

A new interaction appears in the digital inboxes of all agents in that interaction's routing queue. When you click on an interaction, it becomes assigned to you. You are the only one who can work on it until you end your time with it. You can transfer an interaction to a different queue at any time if you need to.

Key Facts about the Digital Inbox

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