CXone WFM Skill Allocations

When you generate a staffing plan with forecasting, how do you know which scheduling unit handles each CXone WFM skill? By default, the skills are distributed automatically to meet the staffing needs.

However, you might want more control over the allocation process. In this case, you can set up skill allocation rules. These rules cancel the automatic distribution. Using these rules, you can define how much of the volume is handled by each scheduling unit.

When you generate a staffing plan with forecasting, you can select the skill's allocation rule.


Before you set up skill allocation rules, keep in mind:

  • You can create one rule per skill.

  • The staffing might be different than expected when you use manual allocation. If you force a big percentage to a small scheduling unit, the unit can be overstaffed. A scheduling unit can also be understaffed. This would happen when the unit is well-equipped to handle a skill but is assigned a small percentage.

  • Deleting WEM Skills assigned to an allocation rule will also delete the rule. Before deleting a skill, makes sure it isn't assigned to an allocation rule.

  • When the scheduling units in the rule and forecast don't match, the skill won't get allocated as expected.

    Only the scheduling units included in the rule are allocated. Those units are allocated with the same percentage, even if the total percentage doesn't reach 100%. If there are extra scheduling units in the forecast, they won't be included in the allocation.

    To avoid this, it's recommended that you:

    • Update the rule with the scheduling units that you want to forecast.

    • In the rule's settings, update the new scheduling units that you want to allocate in the rule.

    • After that, generate a new staffing plan.

Create a Skill Allocation Rule

  1. Click the app selector and select CXone WFM.

  2. Click Skill Allocation Rules.

  3. Click New Rule and enter the allocation rule Name and Description.

  4. Select the Skill and Scheduling units.

    You can create one rule per skill.

  5. For each day, define the Allocation type for the selected skill: Automatic or Manual. By default, all days are allocated automatically.

    You can Copy Settings from one day to other days. Let's say you defined manual allocation for Monday and want to apply the same settings for the rest of the week. Click Copy Settings and select the days.

  6. If you select Manual, you can force an allocation percentage per scheduling unit for All day or Each hour.

    To define the allocation for Each hour:

    1. Select the time range you want to define. The range can start anytime, but it must be in 60-minute increments. For example, you can set a range from 8:1512:15.

      The rest of the day is automatically allocated.

    2. Define the allocation for each interval.

      You can copy the settings from one interval to other intervals within the range.

  7. Define the allocation settings for the rest of the week.

  8. Click Save.

    You can apply the allocation rule for the selected skills when defining the staffing parameters of a forecast job.