NEVA Discover

NEVA Discover is an artificial intelligence (AI) desktop analytics tool. This tool provides a scientific approach to streamlining your daily processes. It compiles data for user input actions like mouse clicks or keyboard actions. It also considers the context of the actions, such as the action type or which application is open. All the data is analyzed to provide a complete picture of user operations. After analyzing this data, NEVA Discover identifies inefficiencies and performance gaps. These Inefficiencies may be repeated tasks, usage patterns, or blockages. With this data, you can take steps to improve your operations - whether by streamlining execution, focusing on the quality of service, or upskilling employees.

Benefits of NEVA Discover:

How NEVA Discover Works

NEVA Discover runs quietly in the background as the users work on the system. The unsupervised AI engine discovers repeated tasks, usage patterns, and blockages by gathering data about the thousands of small actions that the users carry out in their work each day. The solution is intelligent enough to recognize variants of the same process when done in different ways by different people. NEVA Discover complies with data privacy regulations as it collects this data.

From the data it gathers, NEVA Discover gives you insight into where the productivity gaps and inefficiencies are, how well business applications support productivity, and average handling times. It also highlights potential best practices. This approach enables you to create optimization cases based on unbiased data about your people, processes, and systems interact in the real world.

Access NEVA Discover

To have the NEVA Discover application available in CXone, you must enable it in the external server component. For more information, see Enable NEVA Discover in the Automation Portal parameter here.

Access the NEVA Discover application under Workforce Engagement.

  1. Log in to CXone.

  2. Go to Workforce Engagement > NEVA > NEVA Discover.

    The Process Analytics page appears. For more information, refer to Process Analytics.

For information on tenants, refer to Manage Tenants

Change Credentials

You can change the NEVA Discover credentials through Password Manager in APA. These credentials are used for logging in to the NEVA Discover.

To change credentials, see Changing the Credentials of NEVA Discover User.