Integrations with CXone Bot Builder

CXone Bot Builder supports integrations with databases and third-party systems, as well as other CXone applications. There are two types of integrations:

Native Integrations

Native integrations are set up and managed in the Skill Store. When you add the skill to your bot, the required scripts, stories, rules, fallback, intents, and so on are automatically added to the bot's configurations. Additional modification and configuration is required to complete the integration of the application with your bot. The steps required vary based on the application you want to use. The following integrations are available:

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations using APIsClosed APIs allow you to automate certain functionality by connecting your CXone system with other software your organization uses. are set up and managed in the Integrations > APIs tab in Bot Builder.

Bot Builder supports script integrations on the Integrations > Scripts tab. This allows you to create custom scripts using JavaScript. For example, you can create custom bot response actions.