This help page is for Desktop Studio.This information is also available for CXone Studio.


重复分支的执行次数与 Repeat 属性所指示的次数相同。例如,如果 Repeat5,则 Repeat 分支条件之后的操作将执行整整 5 次迭代。在 Repeat 分支中设定的迭代完成后,下一次执行 Loop 时,将触发 Finish 分支。

例如,在 IVR关闭 自动电话菜单,允许呼叫者通过语音命令、按键输入或两者进行交互,以获得信息、路由呼入的语音呼叫或两者。 菜单中,您可以添加一个 Loop,以便联系人在按下无效号码时重试。您可以设置循环,在将联系人发送给接线员之前,让他们尝试三次。

Supported Script Types

The icon for a Generic script type - a rectangle with < and > symbols inside it.

The icon for the Email script type - a large @ symbol in a diamond.

The icon for the Chat script type - a chat bubble with an ellipsis inside (...), in a diamond shape.

The icon for the Phone script type - an old-style phone handset with curved lines indicating sound coming out of it.

The icon for the Voicemail script type - a symbol that looks like a cassette tape - two circles sitting on a horizontal line.

The icon for the Work Item script type-a piece of paper with one corner folded down and a bullet list on it.

The icon for the SMS script type - a smart phone with a chat bubble coming out of it.

The icon for the Digital script type - a computer monitor with a smartphone next to it.


电子邮件 聊天 电话 语音信箱 工作项目 短信 数字

Input Properties




Repeat 在采用 OnFinished 分支之前将重复执行的循环次数。
CounterName 接收 FromValue 以及 Step 的当前值的变量名。

Result Branch Conditions








Script Example


fter the script is triggered, Voiceparams sets the text-to-speech voice and Hours sets the hours of operation (using the Hours of Operation profile). When the script reaches the Menu action, a message is played, asking the caller to press 1 to request an agent. If 1 is not pressed in 5 seconds (set in the Menu Timeout property), then the Loop will be triggered, at which time a message will play, telling the contact to try again. The loop will occur three times, and on the fourth time, the loop will follow the Finished branch instead of the Repeat branch. On the Finished branch, a different message will play, telling the contact to call back later and then hangs up the call.

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In a simple event, when a call is placed on hold a loop will occur in which music plays, followed by a message, followed by music and another message and so on until the call is taken off hold.

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