Distribution Rules

When a customer starts an interaction, such as a call or email, it is received by the ACD. Then, CXone WFM recognizes which WEM skills can handle that interaction. From there, the ACD routes the interaction to the best available agent.

Distribution rules help CXone WFM understand how customer interactions are routed to agents. This doesn't actually control where the interactions go, but it helps copy the ACD routing. So, while the rules don't choose the agent, they help CXone WFM predict how the ACD routes the interactions to agents.

However, how does the system know which agent is best fit to respond to the customer? There might be agents with higher proficiency in the WEM skills they are assigned to. This is done with distribution rules.

Each WEM skill is assigned to a distribution rule. These distribution rules have defined settings for which agents should handle the interactions.

To generate a schedule, All WEM skills must be assigned to a distribution rule. This is why the skills are automatically assigned to the default distribution rule. After that, you can reassign them.

To create a new distribution rule:

  1. Click the app selector and select CXone WFM.

  2. Go to SetupDistribution Rule.

  3. Click Create Distribution Rule, and enter a name.

  4. Select the Source WEM skill. This is the required skill to handle the interaction. All WEM skills need to be assigned as a Source skill. If not, they are assigned to the designated rule.

    You cannot assign the same Source WEM skill to two distribution rules.

  5. Select the Target WEM skill. You can select a WEM skill or Same as source. The second option automatically selects the Source WEM skill as the target skill.

    The Action of the source skill is Queue to. This means the selected target skill is the required source skill needed to handle the interaction.

  6. Define the Max wait time. This is the expected time the interaction should take to get abandoned.

  7. Optionally, enable Bullseye routing. This creates a routing process according to the agent’s skill proficiency. The routing process requires selecting a Time limit, and the Proficiency range.

  8. Click Save.