WEM Skills

WEM skills identify an employee's area of expertise. A WEM skill can be an employee's fluency in a specific language or business skills, such as sales, technical support, or Spanish fluency.

WEM skills affect the scheduling logic, so make sure that you create a set of skills that best matches your organizational needs.

When creating a skill, you map your skill to ACD skills. A skill can have multiple ACD skill IDs mapped to it. However, an ACD skill ID can be mapped to only one skill.

Once you've mapped your WEM skills, assign the skill to an employee. Assigning of WEM skills helps in scheduling assignments.

For each WEM skill you create, you can add the employees that have this WEM expertise skill.

To add a new WEM skill:

  1. Click the app selector and select Admin.

  2. Go to WEM Skills > New WEM Skill.

  3. Click New WEM Skill, and enter a unique name that best describes the WEM skill.

  4. If you want to assign a proficiency score to the given skill, select Proficiency Score checkbox. Assign the proficiency score from the Skills tab under employee account.

  5. In the General tab, assign the skill to a specific channel. Each skill can only be assigned to one channel.

    The channels are split into two categories: Real Time and Deferrable.

    Real Time channels refer to interactions that must be handled immediately. Deferrable channels can have delayed response times.

    This is important when defining service level goals for staffing.

  6. Assign the skill to a color. This color will be used to display the skill in forecasting graphs.

    You can assign the same color to more than one skill.

  7. Map the WEM skill to one or more ACD skills:

    • For environments with the NICE CXone ACD, select one or more skills from the drop down list.
    • For all other environments, enter an ACD skill and click Add.
  8. In the Employees tab, add employees to this WEM skill by clicking Add Employees.

  9. Click Create.

Proficiency Settings

Proficiency score settings are done from the Skill Proficiency Settings window.