Cloud TTS

This help page is for CXone Studio. This information is also available for Desktop Studio.

Adds text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities to the script. This action uses third-party TTS services such as Google TTS.

This action is used with CXoneCloud TTS.

Supported Script Types


Input Properties

These properties define data that the action uses when executing.



Add Caption

Enter a short phrase that uniquely identifies this action in the script. The caption appears on the script canvas under the action icon.


The name of the TTS provider this action uses. This property populates automatically when you select the voice you want the provider to use.

If you haven't added a provider account yet, do so now.

Voice Name

The name of the TTS voice you want this action to use. This property populates automatically when you select a voice from the Cloud Text to Speech page.

Result Branch Conditions

Result branch conditions allow you to create branches in your script to handle different outcomes when an action executes.




Path taken unless the script meets a condition that requires it to take one of the other branches. It is also taken if the action's other branches are not defined.

Add a TTS Provider

You can use one TTS provider profile with multiple Cloud TTS actions in the same script, or in different scripts. Each action can use a different voice.

  1. In your script, select the Cloud TTS action and click Open Editor in the action properties.
  2. Click Add New TTS.

  3. Enter a name for this provider in the Text to Speech Config Name field.
  4. Click the Text to Speech Config Provider that you're using.
  5. Click Next.
  6. On the Configuration page, enter your Base64 Service Account ID. This is the ID for your service account in base64 format. The description under this field on the Configuration page includes a link to a converter you can use to convert your ID to base64.
  7. Complete the Configuration page with the information required to authenticate your account with the TTS provider you chose. This information is different for each provider.

  8. Click Add.

Choose a TTS Voice

When you want to use TTS in your script, you need to assign a provider to each TTSVOICE action you include in your script.

  1. Double-click the TTSVOICE action to open the Cloud Text-to-Speech page.
  2. In your script, select the Cloud TTS action and click Open Editor in the action properties.
  3. Click to select a TTS provider from the list on the left side of the page.
  4. Scroll through the list of voices and select the language and voice that you want this action to use.

  5. Test the selected voice by entering text in the Text to Speak field and clicking the speaker icon next to the voice you're testing.
  6. When you are satisfied with the voice you've chosen, click OK to save your selection to the action's properties.