This help page is for Desktop Studio. This information is also available for CXone Studio.

Transitions an agent through a series of screens/popups depending on how a contact responds to specific questions. Invoking Agent Scripting cuts down on training, improves call handling, and gives the contact center more control in the way calls are being handled.


  • Be sure to use a Pageclose action to conclude a sequence of Page actions. Not closing out a Page may result in "stuck" contacts as an agent may be able to click Next within the popped page even after the interaction is finished.
  • To preview a page, use the OnPreview action.

Supported Script Types

The icon for a Generic script type - a rectangle with < and > symbols inside it.

The icon for the Email script type - a large @ symbol in a diamond.

The icon for the Chat script type - a chat bubble with an ellipsis inside (...), in a diamond shape.

The icon for the Phone script type - an old-style phone handset with curved lines indicating sound coming out of it.

The icon for the Voicemail script type - a symbol that looks like a cassette tape - two circles sitting on a horizontal line.

The icon for the Work Item script type-a piece of paper with one corner folded down and a bullet list on it.

The icon for the SMS script type - a smart phone with a chat bubble coming out of it.


Email Chat Phone Voicemail Work Item SMS

Input Properties

These properties define data that the action uses when executing.




Enter a short phrase that uniquely identifies this action in the script. The caption appears on the script canvas under the action icon. The default is the action name.


The name of the variable to receive the name of the current ACD skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge. Default: SKLNAME


The name of the variable to receive the first name of the agent who answered the contact. Default: FIRST


The name of the variable to receive the last name of the agent who answered the contact. Default: LAST


The variable to receive the agent ID of the agent who answered the contact. Default: AGENTID

Result Branch Conditions

Result branch conditions allow you to create branches in your script to handle different outcomes when an action executes.




Path taken unless the script meets a condition that requires it to take one of the other branches. It is also taken if the action's other branches are not defined.