Admin and Agent CXone Logins Report

Required permissions: Data Download On

The Admin and Agent CXone Logins data download report displays login information relating to specific stations. This report includes the name of the agent and the dates and times that they last logged into a particular station. If a user has logged into CXone but not any of the agent applications, the agent specific fields will be blank.

An example of the Admin and Agent CXone logins report.

Select Report Option

You need to configure a Date Range, Start/End Time, and Export Format when you run a data download report.

Data in this Report

Metric Details

The unique, system-generated ID of the agent.


The first and last name of the agent as displayed in the agent's NICE CXone user profile.


The email address of the agent.


The location of the agent as specified in the user profile under the User Properties tab.


The name of the team the agent belongs to.


The date and time the agent logged in to the session. The date follows the format of MM/DD/YYYY, and the time follows the format of HH:MM, 12-hour time. The time stamp is in your time zone.


The unique, system-generated ID of the agent station.


The phone number the agent used to log in to the station. The format for the phone number is international code, area code, and number with an optional + at the beginning for international numbers.


The phone number of an incoming contact at a particular station.


The client that the agent is using. Examples include MAX, Agent for Salesforce, and Studio.


The unique, system-generated ID of the agent login session.


The date and time that an agent last logged into the specified station.