SFTP Accounts

You can create an SFTP connection to a server of yours to store generated reports, which are distributed by email. Reports are sent to the SFTP server that you select in the custom report template schedule, just like any other report recipient. If you run a custom report manually (outside of the schedule), the report is not sent to the SFTP server. When configuring the SFTP account, the specifications of the server must be in the form of a reachable IP address, or URL set up for inbound SFTP traffic. Do not configure an SFTP connection to NICE CXone FTP servers.

By default, CXone sends reports with the "noreply@niceincontact.com" email address. To avoid these emailed reports from getting blocked, you can create a custom address that your system will not filter. For example, the Classics, Inc. Contact Center could create a "noreply@classics.com" address. Contact your CXone Account Representative for assistance with this feature.

When creating an SFTP account in CXone, you can test the connection with the SFTP server. Expand the drop-down below for information on any errors that the test may give.

Create SFTP Accounts

Required permissions: FTP Accounts Edit

  1. Ensure the server you want to connect with has the appropriate IP addresses and portsClosed Where information transfers, over a network, between a computer and a server. allowed. Contact your CXone Account Representative for more information.
  2. Click the app selector and select Reporting.
  3. Select SFTP Accounts under ACD Custom Reports.
  4. Click Create New.
  5. Give the new account a unique Name.
  6. Enter the Connection Details for your server. You must use your own server, not a NICE CXone server.
  7. Click Test Connection to verify that you provided the correct account information and credentials. If you encounter errors, refer to the error details above for troubleshooting ideas.
  8. When the connection works correctly, click Save.