Monitoring Gateway Subscriptions

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You can have direct access to health and monitoring data for your contact center. Monitoring Gateway Subscriptions let you pull this data out of CXone and into your own monitoring platform. In your own platform, you can visualize this data how you see fit and have more control and insight into the health of your contact center. These subscriptions give you access to two types of data:

CXone produces this data via webhooks. You can subscribe to specific types of data, like script API responses or voice quality data. When you set up the subscription and connection with your monitoring platform, CXone continuously pushes data to your platform. This enables real-time alerts and analytics, which let you also make informed decisions when issues arise. It also helps you identify trends and patterns so you can anticipate and proactively prevent any quality issues before having an impact on contacts' experiences. This is a native integration with Monitoring Gateway, so you can start using these insights right away, without extra overhead or delay.

Set Up Monitoring Gateway Subscriptions

Subscribing to the webhooks requires setup in both CXone and your monitoring platform. This lets you establish a webhook between the two servers.


You must have your own server set up that can receive this monitoring data. The following are requirements of this server:

  • Implement either a signature or MTLS authentication method. When registering your subscription in the CXone interface, you add details of your auth method, like entering the necessary keys or certificate.

  • Expose endpoints to which CXone can send event payloads. The endpoint should be a publicly accessible URL and capable of receiving POST requests. You must have a unique endpoint for each type of data you want to receive.

Create a Subscription Registration

Required Permissions: Gateway Subscriptions Create

  1. In CXone, navigate to Gateway Subscriptions:

    1. Click the app selector and select Monitoring Gateway.
    2. Click Gateway Subscriptions.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select either MTLS or SIGNATURE AUTH for your authentication method. This is the authentication between CXone and your monitoring platform.
  4. Enter your CALLBACK URL of the endpoint you implemented on your server.
  5. From the SELECT DATA TO RECEIVE drop-down, choose which data you want to receive.
  6. Click ADD.
  7. You can optionally add multiple data types to the same subscription. If you add more data types, each must have their own unique callback URL. Repeat the previous steps to add other data types.
  8. Configure your authentication details. The fields that display depend on the authentication method you selected earlier in this task.
  9. You can optionally add email addresses for personnel you want CXone to contact about this integration. CXone emails the addresses here if the webhook fails to deliver its payload.
  10. Click Submit.