Self Assessments

Self assessments encourage employees to review and improve their performance.

A self assessment is an evaluation performed by the agent on their own interaction, using the evaluation formClosed A collection of questions used to evaluate agent interactions. You can send as many self assessments to your agents as you need to.

The agent receives the interaction and evaluation form in their Evaluations page in My Zone.

You can see the results in the Self Assessments page in your My Zone application. Based on the results, you decide which agents need coaching.

Initiate a Self Assessment

  1. Click the app selector and select My Zone.
  2. Click Self Assessments.

  3. Click New Self Assessment. The Interactions application opens.

  4. Enter free text to find an interaction and then click Search.

  5. From the list of interactions, select an interaction and click Options next to the interaction and then click Self Assessment.

  6. In the Create New Self Assessment window, choose an evaluation form.

  7. Select the due date and click Create.

    The self assessment is sent to the selected agent.

View Agent Self Assessments

Managers can also delete self assessments that they initiated.

In the Self Assessments page, you can see the following data for each self assessment:



Agent Name

The agent doing the self assessment.

Initiated By The name of the manager who initiated the self assessment.
Form Name The form being used for the self assessment.
Interaction Date The date of the interaction that is being assessed.
Duration The duration of the interaction that is being assessed.
Remaining Days How many days remain for the agent to perform the self assessment.
Score The evaluation score on the self assessment. This score is not calculated in the overall score.
  • Awaiting— The agent has not yet performed the self assessment.
  • Completed—The agent completed the self assessment form.
  • Expired —The agent did not perform the self assessment within the defined time frame.