Nexidia Enlighten Experience Optimization (XO)

Both contact centers and customers are moving towards self-service. Contact centers want to reduce costs and improve customer experience. Customers like quicker responses with 24/7 support and they are more willing to do it without a live agent, if the self-service capability meets their needs. Unfortunately, today’s self-service applications (bots) often fail to meet customers’ needs. This results in frustrated customers ending up interacting with a live agent, negating the organization's cost and CSAT benefits.

Enlighten Experience Optimization (Enlighten XO) makes self-service applications smarter by analyzing actual agent-assisted audio and chat interactions. It also provides the relevant portions of those real conversations back to self-service teams to use in their products. Enlighten XO's AI-driven automation scores make it simple to focus on customer intents which are the best candidates for self-service.

With Enlighten XO, you can:

  • Identify the latest customer intents.

  • Improve resolution through digital channels.

  • Increase self-service resolution rates.

  • Reduce customer effort with smarter self-service.

  • Decrease costs for human-assisted channels.

Help is available when you log in to the application and launch help.