MAX Integrated Softphone

This page is for agents learning to use the MAX Integrated Softphone. If you're an administrator, learn about admin tasks for the MAX Integrated Softphone.

The MAX Integrated Softphone leverages WebRTC communications technology available in Chrome. It allows you to handle phone calls using your browser's voice capabilities in conjunction with the voice workspace in MAX. This softphone is handled completely through MAX (unlike other external softphone products), and simply provides another method of connecting agents with voice contacts. The MAX Integrated Softphone requires a valid communications device. To handle contacts through this softphone, you must:

  1. Launch MAX and select the Integrated Softphone option.
  2. Connect your voice path to the softphone.
  3. Handle contacts in a normal manner as described on the MAX Voice and Additional Contact Handling Tasks in MAX pages.

You can also customize your integrated softphone experience through the Integrated Softphone section of the Settings Page in MAX (More > Settings > Integrated Softphone).

The MAX Integrated Softphone must be enabled by an administrator.

If MAX is refreshed during a call, call connectivity will be lost for a few seconds before being re-established.