MAX for Administrators

This overview is for administrators. If you're an agent, see the MAX Overview.

MAX is a contact-handling web application that enables agents to interact with contacts through phone calls, voicemails, emails, chats, and work items. If your organization uses Digital Experience, agents can handle digital channelClosed Any channel, contact, or skill associated with Digital Experience. interactions in MAX. MAX supports the simultaneous use of multiple channels.

As your agents handle interactions, MAX offers several tools to enhance their experience. Agents using MAX can:

  • Transfer interactions to other agents or skills.

  • Conference with contacts and other agents.

  • Place contacts on hold.

  • Disposition and tag interactions to categorize them.

  • Create reminders to reach contacts again at a later time.

  • Use the address book to quickly place calls, usually within your organization.

  • Resize and set a preferred width for MAX and each media workspace. For example, an agent could set a different width for the phone workspace versus the email workspace. As the agent works, MAX resizes each workspace to the width they previously set. Adjusting the width for a contact applies only to that contact in that media workspace, not to all future contacts in that media workspace.

The channels and features available in the agent's instance of MAX depend on how you configure MAX. Some of the features in this section may not be available for your agents.

If connection to the agent's browser is lost, and the agent is in an unavailable state, the agent will be logged out of MAX after 2.5 minutes.

You can modify the Launch menu options using the INDICATE Studio action.

The messages that appear under Messages are sent via the MESSAGES Studio action.

A comprehensive product training video is also available for those who are new to MAX.