Manage Alerts

You can set up alerts and receive them whenever the defined duration exceeds the threshold. By default, no alerts are configured.

Set Up Alerts

When you set up alerts, you can define:

  • Whether to receive alerts.

  • Whether to have an alert sound.

  • Thresholds for when to be alerted.

To set up any alert:

  1. Click the app selector and select Supervisor .

  2. From the Live Monitoring or Insights page, click the Alerts tab.

  3. Click Settings Settings icon.

  4. You can configure the following alerts:

    • Audio Sound—Turning this on enables sound for alerts.

    • Agent States—Setting this alert notifies whenever agents' state remains in a certain state for more than the defined duration.

      To set any agent state alert,

      1. Select any state, for example Available, from the list.

      2. Turn on the alert and enter the threshold duration when you should be alerted.

        You can add alerts for multiple agent states.

    • Negative Sentiments—This alert is only available with a Real-Time Interaction Guidance license. Turn on this alert and enter the threshold duration when you should be alerted for any negative customer sentiment.

  5. When you are finish configuring alerts, click Back to alerts.

View Alerts

When the duration for any agent's state exceeds the defined value, you will start receiving alerts.

You can filter the type of alerts you want to see. You can view alerts and take necessary actions.