Scripting Reference Material

The structure and format of Studio may be user-friendly and simple — connecting actionsClosed Performs a process within a Studio script, such as collecting customer data, playing a message or music, or routing a contact to an agent. to create a specific flow of information or user experience as a script — but for more intricate purposes, many actions or tasks require further programming. NICE CXone developed a custom programming language called Snippet that is built upon the .NET framework to facilitate further programming while still maintaining stability and control. The language executes server-side and compiles into MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) just like C# and Visual Basic .NET. Using a home-grown language provides scripters a high amount of control over what executes, how long it executes, what it can or cannot do, and so forth; furthermore, it allows certain activities to be prohibited, throttled, or tracked to maintain a stable platform. The following pages in this section provide details of the language, such as how to handle variable assignments, commands, functions, and so forth.

See the Snippet action topic for more information.