Process Analytics

The Process Analytics page shows all current reports. Each report is a group of routines discovered within the specified time frame and performed by the selected teams. You can search for a report in the Search Reports field. Select a report to open the Process Analytics Report view. For more information, refer to Process Analytics Report Page.

The search field is not case-sensitive. Data in all columns are searched. If you search for more than one word, either one will be found. To clear the search results, click Cross icon icon.

The Process Analytics page displays the following information:




The name of the report.

Teams The teams selected for analysis.
Date Range The date range of the actions in the report.
Last Updated The last date of report modification.
Created On The date the report was created.
Total Actions The total number of actions analyzed in creating the report.
Users The total number of different users in all the routines found in the report.