Your Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions help employees improve a specific skill set and perform better. Once a coaching session is created, you'll receive a notification. You can see it in the Coaching Sessions page in your My Zone application. Your manager can send a reminder notification if it has not been completed.

Once you review the coaching session, you can acknowledge it. You can add your ratings and comments. After you acknowledge the coaching session, the coach can see these ratings and comments.

View and Acknowledge Coaching Sessions

  1. Click the app selector and select My Zone >  Coaching Sessions.

  2. Click on your coaching session, review it, and then click Acknowledge.

  3. A pop-up for feedback is displayed. You can add ratings and comments for your coaching session, then click Acknowledge.

  4. The coach will be notified that you completed the coaching session. Now the status of the coaching session will be changed to Completed.

Request Coaching Session

An agent can request a coaching session from the Coaching Sessions page under My Zone. This will help them to get desired coaching sessions without asking their managers or coaches to create a coaching session.

  1. Click the app selector and select My Zone >  Coaching Sessions.

  2. Click Request Coaching.

  3. A pop-up for request coaching is displayed. Add detailed comments about the desired coaching session, then click Send Request.

  4. The coach will be notified about the requested coaching session. The Coaching Requests tab shows coaching requests with statuses.
    After sending a coaching request to the coach, the Request Pending status is displayed. Once the coach approves and creates a new coaching session, the agent gets a notification and the status changes to Approved.