CXone Guide

CXone Guide removes friction along the digital customer journey by proactively delivering the right guidance at the right time. Guidance can be in the form of knowledge articles, bots, or live chat. Guide is designed to be managed by business users without any involvement from IT.

Delivering the right answer at the right time keeps the customer in the digital channel, reducing abandonment and increasing conversion.CXone Guide also eliminates unnecessary contacts with customer service by delivering the right answer to the customer when they need it.

High-level features of CXone Guide include:

  • A rule editor for easily creating proactive or on-demand engagement rules.

  • An engagement mapper that lets you map website elements to use as rule criteria, such as buttons, links, form fields, and other controls on your website that have associated CSS selectors.

  • Reports and analytics for tracking and analyzing the engagements.

  • A visitor client widget that appears by default in the lower-right corner of your website that contains the engagements. You can customize the appearance and behavior of the visitor client to suit your website.

For detailed information on using CXone Guide, see the CXone Guide Help Center.

Integrate CXone Guide with CXone Expert

Contact your CXone Account Representative about purchasing and configuring the following:

  • CXone Guide for creating the engagements.

  • CXone Expert for creating the articles that contain the relevant content.