Connect Your Phone

Your phone must be connected to the CXone platform to handle voice interactions. Connecting your phone differs slightly depending on whether you use a hard phone, the Agent for Salesforce Integrated Softphone, or a different softphone offering. If you do not already have an active voice connection to CXone, the system first calls your phone to establish a voice path. The agent leg can be connected manually by pushing the phone icon in the upper right-hand corner of your agent screen. If not connected manually, the agent leg will connect automatically when you receive a call. You create the connection according to the following:

Phone Device How to Accept a New Call
Hard phone Answer your physical device with a button or by picking up.
Agent for Salesforce Integrated Softphone Click the Accept button in Agent for Salesforce.
Other softphones Click the answer button in the softphone application.

Manually Connect/Disconnect the Voice Path

To manually connect your voice path, click the phone icon that is available on the right side of the top bar in Agent for Salesforce. When you already have an active voice connection on your phone, new calls are routed directly to you. The advantage of maintaining an active voice connection is that you do not have to reconnect your voice path when you receive a new call. It is convenient and can reduce the call delivery time for contacts. While your experience may vary depending on how your administrator configured it, you most likely receive calls with an audible tone to let you know a contact is on the line.

Your voice connection to CXone can end automatically or manually. Your phone may automatically disconnect after a certain amount of idle time that your administrator determined. To manually disconnect your voice path, hang up your phone device or click the green phone icon on the right side of the top bar.

Connect Your Hard Phone

When you use a hard phone, you must accept calls that you place or that are made to you by either picking up the phone or pressing a button on your device. Once you are connected to the call, you can use the call controls available in Agent for Salesforce. Using the advanced features on your hard phone can cause some problems in reporting. For example, if you transfer a call with your phone instead of the Agent for Salesforce interface, the CXone platform considers the call to have been handled by you instead of the person who received the transferred call.

If you receive inbound calls, your phone automatically connects when you answer a call. A notification that says "Connecting Agent Leg" appears until you pick up your device.

Connect Your Integrated Softphone

To connect your voice path with the Agent for Salesforce Integrated Softphone, click the Accept button in the Connecting Agent Leg dialog.

If the microphone permission in your browser is set to BLOCK, then you will receive the following message: "Application access to the media device such as headset, microphone or speaker is denied." To connect your Integrated Softphone, go to your browser's settings and set your microphone permission to ALLOW.

Connect with a Softphone Application

If you use a softphone application, a voice connection can occur in two ways: 1) the CXone platform initiates it when a new call is delivered to you, and 2) you connect manually by clicking the agent leg icon next to the agent state selector. In both scenarios, your phone rings and Agent for Salesforce displays a message that says “Connecting Agent Leg”. Your phone connects to the CXone platform after you answer the call. If the CXone platform initiated the voice connection, a call is immediately delivered to you.

Configure Softphone Settings

To configure your Softphone settings, click Settings, then Integrated Softphone Settings. You can adjust your headset volume, choose your ringtone, and select whether you want your interactions to be auto accepted.

Connect a Secondary Ring Device

To connect a secondary ring device with the Agent for Salesforce Integrated Softphone, click Settings > Integrated Softphone Settings. Select a Device and the Delay between the call ringing on the first device before ringing on the second.