NICE CXone Agent for Oracle Service Cloud

This overview is for agents. If you're an administrator see NICE CXone Agent for Oracle Service Cloud for Administrators.

The NICE CXone Agent for Oracle Service Cloud consolidated view removes the media bars for a streamlined agent experience. For help using or troubleshooting the Oracle Service Cloud product, see your Oracle documentation.

NICE CXone Agent for Oracle Service Cloud Consolidated View Interface

Image for Agent for Oracle Service Cloud Consolidated View for User Hub
Field Description
Availability State (1) Displays your current state of availability. Use the drop-down to choose an unavailable code and change your status. Displays the amount of time you have been in your current state. When you change your state, the timer resets to zero.
Agent Leg Status (2)

Displays your connectivity status. The agent leg status is not the same as the availability status. There are three status types:

Icon Description
Agent Leg Disconnected Agent leg is not connected
Agent Leg Dialing Agent leg is attempting to connect
Agent Leg Connected Agent leg is connected
Active (3) Displays the contact you are currently engaged with.
Schedule (4) Displays commitments assigned to you.
Alerts (5) Displays agent messages.
Show Queue (6)

A list of the queued contacts in each of the skills assigned to you.

New (7) Creates new commitment or initiates an outbound call using the keypad. Your availability status does not need to be set to Available to make an outbound call. You can click the numbers or use the keyboard to enter a number to dial. Once you select an outbound call skill, the Call button is enabled.
Address Book (8) Displays your address book. All address books assigned to you are accessible here. You can search for an address book or use the drop-down to select one from a specific team. The tabs across the top allow you to select an entry based on skill or history. Click Call next to the contact you would like to select.
WEM (9) The Workforce Engagement (WEM) button allows you to access all of the functionality in My Zone from the agent application.
Settings (10) Displays Platform Information, Submit Feedback, Log Settings, Help Center (link only), and Agent Reports.

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