Dashboard Permissions

You must have appropriate permissions to see the navigation for the Roles & Permissions feature. If your organization isn't configured for the Dashboard application, or your CXone applications don't include ACD or QM, you won't see these permissions.

For more information on the relationship between permissions and roles, see Roles. For more information on Dashboard actions and the permissions they require, see Dashboard Actions and Permissions.

General Permissions


Available Permissions



ViewClosed Users can see and navigate to the feature page from the menu and see the contents of the page. This is a foundation permission that may be included with higher-level permissions.

EditClosed Users can edit existing entries for a feature or page.

Take Ownership

The Take Ownership permission allows a user to assume ownership of another user's dashboards (for example, if a user leaves the organization).

Dashboard Widgets

Widgets are visual collections of data from other CXone applications. The widgets that appear in dashboards must be defined per application (for example, ACD widget permissions are on the ACD permissions tab, and so forth). You must grant individual widget permissions to a role in addition to configuring general dashboard permissions.

ACD Widgets

You can configure permission for the following ACD widgets as On or Off:

  • Agent Count by State
  • Agent Counter
  • Agent List
  • Contact List
  • Contact States by Skill
  • Queue Counter
  • Service Level
  • Skill Summary
  • Unavailable Statistics

Interaction Analytics Widgets

You can configure permission for the following Interaction Analytics widgets as On or Off:

  • Frustration
  • What People Are Talking About
  • Sentiment Trend

QM Widgets

When users have permission to access a specific QM feature, that permission includes access to any widgets associated with the feature. The following table explains these relationships.

Widget QM Permission
Plan Status My Zone > Plan Monitoring
Team Performance My Zone > Performance Monitoring
Agent Scoring My Zone > Performance Monitoring
Calibration My Zone > Calibrations > View
Evaluations and Coaching Events

Coaching Packages > View or Coaching Packages > Edit or Coaching Packages > Create or Coaching Packages > Delete

This widget also requires the Admin permission Employees > View.