This help page is for CXone Studio. This information is also available for Desktop Studio.

Stops a script when it's no longer needed, such as after processing an event. It does not terminate a contact. The contact remains in the state it was in prior to the Stop action. The only way to release a Stop action is to trigger an event such as ONSIGNAL ONSIGNAL, ONANSWER, ONHOLD, ONDATA, or ONRELEASE.

Stop is commonly used as a placeholder for branching events when the script has stopped running logic. Do not use this action if you need to terminate the script.

Supported Script Types

A square with a line branching from it that goes to three other squares.


Email Chat Phone Voicemail Work Item SMS

Comparison of Similar Actions

The following actions have similar functions, but with some key differences: 

  • Discard: Terminates an email script.
  • End: Terminates a phone, voicemail, SMS, or digital script. Does not terminate a digital contact, but terminates contacts in scripts with other media types.
  • End a Contact: Terminates the active contact. Does not terminate the current script.
  • EndText: Terminates an SMS workflow that doesn't include a Regagent action (for digitalClosed Any channel, contact, or skill associated with Digital Experience. channels only).
  • EndWi: Terminates a work item with a cause code. Does not terminate the current script.
  • Exit: Terminates a chat session and disconnects the chat contact.
  • Hangup: Terminates a phone script.
  • Return: Terminates a subscript and returns control to the originating script.

Do not use the Stop action to end a script. It does not terminate the script and leaves contacts running. This has a negative impact on the CXone servers.