CXone Recording

CXone Recording provides omnichannel recording capabilities for audio and screen to support your CXone Quality Management processes and to help adhere to compliance regulations. Recording options include:

  • Encryption

  • Automated or on-demand pause/resume

  • Masking capabilities

CXone Recording supports both stereo (by default) and mono recording. Stereo recording allows users to leverage analytic solutions, record participants separately, and play back only one side of a call. Contact your CXone Account Representative if you have any questions.

CXone Recording supports masking all active screen recordings when a voice recording is masked. This ensures that no sensitive data is transferred via digital channels. This capability is available with ScreenAgent version 2.1.40 and later.

You can manage your active and long-term storage for recordings with Cloud Storage Services.

There are a number of ways to initiate recording, see Ways to Record Interactions.

After interactions are recorded, here are some of the actions you can take: