CXone Multi-ACD (CXone Open)

CXone Multi-ACD lets you take advantage of CXone cloud recording and business applications while still using your existing telephony system. Your telephony system can be in the cloud or on-premise.

Step 1: Prepare your site. Review supported deployments and implement guidelines for your site's environment.

Step 2: Prerequisites for working with CXone Multi-ACD:

  • In Tenant Management:

    • Set a license for CXone Multi-ACD under the CXone Recording application options. Choose Recordings from External Source - CXone Open or Side-by-Side Recording – CXone Open.

    • Select at least one third-party telephony provider—Avaya, Cisco, or both.

  • Under Recording Permissions, turn on the Third Party Telephony Configuration permission.

Step 3: In CXone, configure connectivity to your third-party telephony system.

For recording third-party telephony calls, your telephony systems need to be configured to allow:

After deployment, all CXone Recording options are available.

CXone Multi-ACD supports the following:

  • Recording voice and screen interactions.

  • Enriching recorded calls with metadata and business data fields.

  • Storing and managing recorded media.

  • Importing and managing information for employees and recording accounts.

  • Importing and managing device information (for extensions).

  • Using CXone applications for interactions from third-party telephony systems.

Supported Connectivity Options

Supported Admin Applications

The following CXone Admin applications are supported in CXone Multi-ACD:

  • CXone Recording apps: Third Party Telephony, Recording Policies, and Business Data.

  • Admin apps: Employees, Teams, and Groups.

  • Security Settings.

  • Cloud Storage.

  • Bulk Upload Portal.

Supported Business Applications

The following CXone applications are supported in CXone Multi-ACD:

  • Interactions

    Skills and dispositions are not displayed in the search results. When a contact includes stereo recordings and mono recordings, the playback of the entire contact will be mono.

  • CXone Quality Management for My Zone and Quality Planner

    A Quality Plan by skill or disposition cannot be generated for CXone Multi-ACD users. You can create a Quality Plan according to a business data field if the skill is populated into that field.

  • Interaction Analytics

    A single language is supported per tenant.

  • Performance Management

    No data is displayed in ACD-related widgets.

  • Reporting and Dashboard for Quality Management and recording-related data.

Using CXone Multi-ACD (CXone Open) Together With CXone ACD

When you deploy CXone Multi-ACD third party telephony with CXone ACD (Side-by-Side), all applications are enabled for the tenant based on the purchased licenses.

However, CXone Multi-ACD users can use only those applications that are supported for CXone Multi-ACD, including CXone Recording, CXone Quality Management, Interaction Analytics, and Performance Management. If CXone Multi-ACD users are assigned roles that include applications that are not supported by CXone Multi-ACD, they can access the application, but no data is available.

In order to ensure an optimum user experience for CXone Multi-ACD users, it is recommended that administrators set up specific roles for CXone Multi-ACD users. These roles should include only the applications supported by CXone Multi-ACD. It is recommended that the names of these roles include Open to distinguish them from general CXone roles. Only these roles should be assigned to CXone Multi-ACD users. CXone Multi-ACD users must have a recording account defined in the CXone Admin Employees application.