Interactions: Search and Playback

Use the Interactions application to search for interactions and play them back.

In the search results page, you can refine your results further and run various actions on the interactions.

You can play back a segmentClosed An interaction between two parties, such as a customer and an agent. Each segment represents a stage in the interaction, such as when a call is transferred to another agent, or agents speak internally to consult. or an entire contactClosed The communication with the customer, handled by agent or chat bot over a single channel. A contact may consist of multiple segments. A single channel can be any voice or digital DFO channel such as chat, SMS, and so on.. Interaction types are:

Search by Free Text

  1. Click the app selector and select Interactions.
  2. Enter free text to find an interaction.

  3. Define the time range of the search.

  4. Click Search. Matching interactions are displayed in the Search Results page.

In the search results page, you can:

Save and Share Queries

After running a search, you can save the query. You can save any number of search queries. You can then rerun a query without reentering it. This is useful for queries you run regularly, or more complex queries.

  • Click the Screenshot of the query icon icon to save and access your favorite queries.
  • When you save a query, you decide if the time frame is dynamic or fixed.

    • Dynamic date range is relative to when you run the query, for example, the last two days.

    • Fixed date range uses the exact dates of the query, for example, December 2-3.

You can share a query with others at work. They get an email and in-app notification you've shared a query with them and can then choose to save it for themselves.

You can run, share, and delete saved queries from the Interactions home page and from the search results page.

Gain Insight Into Your Interactions

In the Interactions home page, you can view graphs of interactions from the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, or the last 30 days. View each graph by:

  • Channel (with or without screen recording)

  • Duration

  • Top teams or skills (only available if you don't have Interaction Analytics or CXone Quality Management)

  • Customer sentiments (only available if you have Interaction Analytics or CXone Quality Management Advanced)

  • Top categories (only available if you have Interaction Analytics or CXone Quality Management Advanced)

Click on a part of the graph to drill down to a list of those interactions.