Interactions: Search and Playback

Use free text, filters, and the time picker to Search for Interactions to play back. You can save your query and share it with others.

You can play back different kinds of interactions:

The interactions you can see in the search results depend on the view assigned to you.

Actions You Can Take from the Search Results

Play Back an Interaction

You can play back a segment or a contact.

Gain Insight into Your Interactions

View graphs that show you interactions from the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, or the last 30 days. View each graph by:

  • Channel (with or without screen recording)

  • Duration

  • Top teams or skills (only available if you don't have Interaction Analytics or Quality Management)

  • Customer sentiments (only available if you have Interaction Analytics or Quality Management Advanced)

  • Top categories (only available if you have Interaction Analytics or Quality Management Advanced)

Click on a part of the graph to drill down to a list of those interactions.

Delete Recordings

You can delete voice and screen recordings for an interaction. Click Action Screenshot of the actions button and select Delete Recordings.

This can be helpful if there was a PCI violation and the recordings need to be removed.

View Evaluations

You can view the status of an evaluationClosed Users can evaluate employee interactions, subject to any data restrictions that apply., collaborative evaluation, or self assessmentClosed An evaluation performed by the agent on their own interaction, using the evaluation form. Manager or supervisor can send one or more self assessments to agents. in the Evaluation Score column. You can view evaluation scores for the following statuses:

  • Submitted

  • Challenged

  • Auto-acknowledged

  • Waiting for Agent

  • Waiting for Evaluator

  • Completed Reviewed

  • Completed

  • Completed Partially

Click a score to view the corresponding evaluation form (except for a score in Challenged status).

Additional Actions

Access additional options by clicking Action Screenshot of the actions button: