This help page is for Desktop Studio. This information is also available for CXone Studio.

Terminates an active voice call in a phone script. If executed while the interaction is with an agent, it hangs up on the contact.


  • Hangup terminates the phone script and all related phone calls.
  • If an outbound call has not connected, use the END action; any outbound calls that have been connected should use Hangup.
  • If the Hangup action is executed and an Onrelease event action is present, CXone hangs up on the caller and the script jump to the OnRelease action.

Supported Script Types

The icon for the Phone script type - an old-style phone handset with curved lines indicating sound coming out of it.


Comparison of Similar Actions

The following actions have similar functions, but with some key differences: 

  • Discard: Terminates an email script.
  • End: Terminates a phone, voicemail, SMS, or digital script. Does not terminate a digital contact, but terminates contacts in scripts with other media types.
  • End a Contact: Terminates the active contact. Does not terminate the current script.
  • EndText: Terminates an SMS workflow that doesn't include a Regagent action (for digitalClosed Any channel, contact, or skill associated with Digital Experience. channels only).
  • EndWi: Terminates a work item with a cause code. Does not terminate the current script.
  • Exit: Terminates a chat session and disconnects the chat contact.
  • Hangup: Terminates a phone script.
  • Return: Terminates a subscript and returns control to the originating script.

Do not use the Stop action to end a script. It does not terminate the script and leaves contacts running. This has a negative impact on the CXone servers.




None. This is a terminating action, so no branches are required.

Script Example

This is an example to show how this action can be used in scripts. It is not intended to be a complete script. Additional scripting may be required.

In this simple example, the script is triggered, a message plays, and when the message is done, the script hangs up the call.

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