Manage Continuous Stream Transcription Profiles

Permissions Required: Automation & AI > Launch Automation & AI Studio Script View, Create/Edit

Continuous Stream Transcription provides transcription of conversation audio. It sends the transcription as a continuous stream throughout the interaction.

Add a Continuous Stream Transcription Profile

A transcription profile defines the transcription options you want to use, including the language to transcribe.

  1. In CXone, click the app selector and select Other > Automation & AI > Transcription HubContinuous Stream.
  2. Click Add Transcription Profile.
  3. Enter a Transcription Profile Name. To differentiate this profile from your other profiles, use a name that highlights what makes this profile different. For example, you could name the profile for its intended use, the provider, or the language of the profile.
  4. Under Select Provider, click the transcription provider to use. You can choose from Google Transcription or CXone Transcription.
  5. Click Next.
  6. On the Configuration page, complete the fields to define the transcription options for this profile.

  7. Click Add.