Continuous Stream Transcription

Continuous Stream Transcription provides real-time, self-service speech-to-textClosed Also called STT, this process converts spoken language to text. transcription. It's for use when you need audio transcription sent in a continuous stream throughout a conversation. It's ideal for use with agent assist applications.

Continuous Stream Transcription transcribes a conversation as it happens, sending the transcription in real time to the destination application. It appears in the destination application with only a minimal delay through the conversation. This allows the transcription to be available for use almost instantly. For example, if the transcription is displayed in the agent application, agents can use it to confirm details with the contact, such as an address or account number.

CXone supports another type of transcription. Turn-by-Turn Transcription provides real-time transcription that's sent in segments based on turns in the conversation. After one party of the conversation finishes speaking, Turn-by-Turn Transcription transcribes what they said and sends it to the destination application or service.

Provider Options for Continuous Stream Transcription

There are two options for continuous transcription providers:

  • CXone Transcription: Currently, this option supports English only.
  • Google Transcription: Available in all languages that Google Transcription Service A square with an arrow point outward from the center to the upper right. supports.

Use Continuous Stream Transcription

Currently, Continuous Stream Transcription is only available for use with certain agent assistClosed A software application that provides context-specific help to the agent. applications, such as SalesForce Assist.

Using Continuous Stream Transcription requires two steps: 

  1. Create a transcription profile in Transcription Hub for Continuous Stream Transcription. The profile specifies the transcription service to use and the language to transcribe. To transcribe multiple languages, you must create a profile for each one.
  2. Set up an integration with an agent assist provider that uses Continuous Stream Transcription. During the configuration process in Agent Assist Hub, you're prompted to select a transcription profile.