Create AutoSummary Profiles

After initially setting up AutoSummary, you must create a Studio script and an AutoSummary profile in CXone.


Before you can create an AutoSummary profile, you need to create or modify all ACD skillsClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge used in any script that includes AutoSummary. The skills must be configured with Disposition as the post-contact work type on the Post Contact tab. The Required option must be selected.

This setting gives agents time at the end of each interaction to make notes on the call. It also allows AutoSummary to generate the interaction summary and send it to the agent application.

Adding the Disposition option to ACD skills changes the agents' post-interaction workflow. It requires that they choose a disposition and review the interaction summary. If you modify existing skills that didn't previously require dispositions, ensure that your agents are prepared for the change. Alternatively, you may want to create a new ACD skill to use with AutoSummary.

Create a Script for AutoSummary

Permissions Required: Studio Script View, Create/Edit

You need to create or modify at least one Studio script to set up AutoSummary in your contact center. Following the custom scripting guidelines. The scripts must:

To complete the script, you must: 

  • Connect the other branches of each action.
  • Add other actions, configurations, and scripting logic as needed so the script functions as required in your environment.
  • Assign an AutoSummary profile to the Agent Assist action
    • Add initialization snippets to the script using Snippet actions. You can do this to customize your agent assist application.
    • Reconfigure the action connectors to ensure proper contact flow and correct any potential errors.
    • Complete any additional scripting and test the script.

Create an AutoSummary Profile

Permissions Required: Automation & AI > Launch Automation & AI

You need to create at least one AutoSummary profile in Agent Assist Hub. Each profile is a separate agent assist app in Agent Assist Hub.

  1. Click the app selector and select Other > Automation & AI and then click Agent Assist Hub.
  2. Click Add Agent Assist App.
  3. Enter the Agent Assist App Name and click AutoSummary in the list under Select Agent Assist App Type.
  4. From the Enlighten Model drop-down list, select a vertical market. Choose the closest match for the interactions this profile will summarize. You can choose from options such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunication, and Retail.
  5. Select the AI Mode you want this profile to use. The AI mode defines the structure of the summary that appears in CXone Agent.

  6. Click Create.

Assign a Profile to a Studio Script

Permissions Required: Studio Script View, Create/Edit

  1. In Studio, open the script you want to use.
  2. If you haven't done so already, add the Agent Assist action to the correct location in your script.

  3. Double-click the Agent Assist action to open Agent Assist Hub.

  4. In the left column, click the checkmark in a circle A light gray checkmark inside a light gray circle. next to the agent assist application or profile you want to assign to this script.
  5. Click Close.