Manage Custom Report Templates

Report source: Tubes

Report refresh rate (ACD Summary, ACD Detail, and Personal Connection): 6 hours

Report refresh rate (ACD Detail Intraday): 1 hour

Create a Custom Report Template

Required permissions Custom Reports Create

If you want to apply a custom header or category to the top of all reports generated by this template, create the header or category first.

  1. Click the app selector and select Reporting.
  2. Select Report Templates under ACD Custom Reports.
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Complete the Create Form, which contains the basic information for the template.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Complete the Required Information form, which determines the date and time components of the report, output format, and so forth.

  7. Click Next.
  8. Complete the Fields page, which determines which metrics the report will calculate and fields will appear.

  9. You can click Run to test the metrics and fields that you selected. Your browser automatically downloads the report after it runs. You can check the report before continuing.

  10. Click Next if you are happy with your selected settings.

  11. Click Save.

After creating a report template, you can create a custom schedule by which the report will run. You must select the desired report in the Schedule settings. If you added a schedule to your custom report, you can also connect the report with a custom SFTP server. Each time the report is generated according to the schedule, CXone also sends the report to your SFTP server, just like a normal recipient.

Run Custom Reports Manually

Required permissions: Custom Reports View

After you create a report template, you can either run it manually or you can set up a report schedule that will run it for you one time or on a recurring schedule.

Manual reports have two limitations: the report must contain no more than 13 months of data, and the report must take no longer than 3 minutes to run. You must use a report schedule to run reports that exceed these limitations.

  1. Click the app selector and select Reporting.
  2. Go to Custom Reporting  >  Report Templates.

  3. Select the template you want to run.

  4. Click Run.

    A pop-up window appears, indicating that your report is processing. Your browser automatically downloads the report after it runs.

    You are locked into the screen and cannot navigate away until the report generation process is complete. Click Cancel to cancel the report and close the window.