Release Notes: Fixed & Known Issues

The date provided for each update is the date it was ready for release. Watch for a notification about when your organization will receive it. It will generally be within two weeks of the given date.

Fixed Issues

2024-1 Cumulative Update 6

Published 28 May 2024*


  • Contacts were dropped when an agent answered the call. This only occurred when the routing script followed the path ReqAgentMusicPlayBlindxfer. (VOL-3679)

  • When a Studio routing script used ReqAgent with the TargetAgent set to a new agent with no skills assigned to them, calls did not route to the new agent. (VOL-3838)

  • In some systems, inbound phone scripts containing the SetDisposition action threw an exception. (VOL-3773)


  • When the GET /scripts API call pulled a CXone Studio script that had been reverted to a previous version, it returned an inactive version of the script instead of the current one. (CXWS-16917)

Personal Connection

  • When a user would change the message template for an existing SMS skill, the change would not save. (OB-19139)

  • When a Personal Connection skill had many records, agents couldn't make outbound calls in MAX. (AW-25266)


  • Full call recordings weren't available for transferred contacts. (ORC-31071)


  • Users given permission to view certain sub-folders in Studio were unable to see those sub-folders. (CXWS-17723)

Pipeline Update 157

Published 28 May 2024*


  • When an employee was configured with views, navigating to ACD Users could result in a platform error message. (UH-38903)

Digital Experience

  • Agents couldn't reply to a Facebook private message that was more than 24 hours old. (DE-102505)

  • Agents sometimes couldn't reply to contact-initiated Digital Experience SMS interactions. (DE-97327)


  • Some agent activity data wasn't included in the Adherence BI report. (INT-46774)

CXone Studio

  • When opening a script that has unsaved changes, clicking the X to close the autosave notification caused the script to open anyway (CXWS-16937).
  • A long string of text with no spaces in an error message overflowed the red message box in the right panel (CXWS-13623).
  • Long text overflowed the drop-down box on the Scripts page when the browser language is set to Japanese and the 非アクティブ (Inactive) option was selected (CXWS-13167).
  • Switching between the Active and Inactive drop-down options caused incorrect records to display on the Scripts page (CXWS-17342).

24.2 Release

Published 21 May 2024*


  • Users who had the View permission enabled for CXone Dashboard prior to the 2024-1 release lost access to the page after the 2024-1 release. (UH-37419)

CXone Agent

Bot Builder

  • In certain configurations, a new chat bot sometimes didn't appear on the Bot Builder page. (BB-1829)

Enlighten AutoSummary

  • When an AutoSummary-generated Notes section was edited, the edits didn't appear in the mapped CRM record. (ILLUM-8259)

Data Share

Data Streams

Digital Experience

  • The Digital Experience CXone Email page sometimes showed the wrong email type for SES email channels. (DE-94809)

  • When an agent clicked the Options button in the chat header, they couldn't close the menu without selecting an option. (DE-92519)

  • When a user went to DFOPoints of Contact Digital, selected a chat channel, and clicked Initialization & Test, the chat widget didn't always load. (DE-93207)

  • Post-chat survey links were opening in the same tab as the conversation. They now open in a new tab. (DE-102520)

  • Chat windows could fail to load when you used the web module analytics API. (DE-102266)

  • Chat window CSS was inherited in areas where it shouldn't have been. This could have a significant impact on the appearance of the chat window. (DE-81514)

Interaction Analytics

  • When you edited a saved search, you had to edit more than one property to be able to click the Save button. (AN-52161)

  • When the top dashboard filter included the same metrics as a widget filter, the dashboard filter overrode the widget filter. (AN-53809)

  • When a dataset had a filter with more than one value, the results disappeared. Removing the filter caused a new filter with the second value to appear. (AN-53340)

Monitoring Gateway

  • In Voice Quality Metrics, the agent and skill names weren't displayed for the chosen contact ID. (PSHM-18397)


  • SSO-enabled users were being logged out of CXone before meeting the idle timeout threshold. (UH-35606)

  • In some environments, users would log in to CXone, refresh, and then be forced to log in again. (SC-49589)

  • Searching for interactions produced an error when the preferred browser language was set to a language other than English. (CXAPP-23409)


  • In some systems, opening certain prebuilt reports returned an internal server error. (SC-50464)

  • In certain systems where the hierarchy had changed, the Evaluation Questions and Answer Analysis, Evaluation Question and Answer Details, Evaluation Details, Evaluation Question Details, Evaluator Analysis, and Calibration reports returned the wrong results. (CXBI-5053)


  • Staffing forecasts were downloaded in the incorrect time zone. (CXWFM-45896)

  • Email notifications for PTO were not received by agents. (CXWFM-46567)

2024-1 Cumulative Update 5

Published 14 May 2024*


  • The Quick Replies editor was missing the option to set the size of an image. It also removed image borders. (AAD-26414)

CXone Agent

  • When an agent scheduled a callback, the callback phone number was limited to 10 digits. (AW-24157)

  • The tooltip for the Quick Response icon said Quick Replies instead of Quick Responses. (AW-23175)

  • When an agent applied a disposition to an interaction using a skill that didn't require dispositions, the CXone Agent showed a blank page. (AW-24555)

  • In CXone Agent and CXone Agent Embedded, agents couldn't apply dispositions to calls that had been transferred or taken over. (AW-23957)

  • Agents couldn't answer or dial outbound calls due to a denied media access error. (AW-24597)


  • The Digital Experience parked contact API returned a 204 error when an agent ID didn't appear in the request. (DE-99937)

  • In v29, the call to get hours of operation by profile ID didn't return any values for the scripts parameter. (API-13463)

Digital Experience

  • When a digital skill was created from the ACD Skills page, the skill immediately appeared in the ACD Skills page but not in the Routing Queues and Routing page. (DE-100240)


  • When contacts were transferred using the Launch button in MAX, they didn't appear as active contacts in CXone Supervisor live monitoring. (DAT-17172)


  • When the Avg Talk Time and Avg Handle Time metrics changed to Average Talk Time and Average Handle Time, it broke BI reports where they were being pulled. The original names have been restored. (AAD-26012)

  • The Contact History report showed a blank contact end reason when it should have shown cause code 41. (ORC-31082)

Pipeline Update 156

Published 7 May 2024*


  • When users tried to use employee bulk upload to invite users, the upload would process for an hour and then fail. (UH-37716)

Digital Experience

  • In the digital dashboard, the disposition codes for digital contacts showed "Array" instead of the correct values. (DE-99414)

  • When a contact clicked the attachment icon in a chat window, any text they had drafted was sent to the agent. (DE-98014)

  • When a user was on an ACD page and then tried to open a page in the DFO section of the navigation, the page began to load but then returned the user to their previous page. (DE-97238)

  • When contacts initiated a chat through Guide, agents saw blank messages from the contact. (DE-96290)

  • Under certain circumstances, copying and pasting a phone number in the WhatsApp recipient field didn't work. (DE-94715)

CXone Recording

  • Statement media download did not work. (CXREC-60278)

  • Playback URLs recorded in the Salesforce Agent application were not playable. (CXREC-60219)

  • Social media channels were not displayed in digital recording policies. (CXREC-59840)


  • When forms had scoring turned off, the Evaluations by Teams BI report showed 0 points instead of no value. (CXBI-5295)

CXone Studio

  • A black line appeared on the script canvas when the Fit to Screen button was clicked. (CXWS-17019)
  • On the Start With Trace window, the Start Trace and Cancel buttons were visible outside the window when the screen size was 15.6 inches. (CXWS-17019)
  • The text on the Cancel button in the Create New Script window was not visible while being clicked. (CXWS-8991)
  • After changing a script from view-only mode to edit mode, the most important property configuration displayed in actions on the script canvas were no longer visible. (CXWS-16958)
  • Action editor windows incorrectly displayed a thick border on two sides. (CXWS-17121)
  • In the SNIPPET action editor, no syntax error was shown when the .left() or .right() functions were used without including the closing parenthesis. (CXWS-14874)
  • Certain errors blocked the loading of snippet content in the SNIPPET action editor. (CXWS-17357)
  • Certain functions and keyword commands didn't work as expected (CXWS-15269)
  • The sequence editor in actions such as PLAY or WHISPER did not default to AM when text other than PM was entered into the Time option. (CXWS-15781)
  • The SNIPPET action editor crashed when loading snippets with 2000 lines of code.(CXWS-15268)

2024-1 Cumulative Update 4

Published 16 April 2024*


  • ACD User bulk upload sometimes failed with an integrated softphone formatting error when Integrated Softphone (WebRTC) information hadn't been edited. (AAD-25890)

  • Users couldn't move the dispositions assigned to an ACD skill up or down. (AAD-26024)


  • Agents weren't being logged out when there was no poll for the duration of time specified by the InactivityTimeout setting in the agent session. This was due to a conflict between that setting and an internal poll timeout setting. The internal setting has been adjusted to prevent conflicts in the future. (ORC-31970)

CXone Agent

  • When an agent using Integrated Softphone received a callback while their inbox was collapsed, the ring didn't sound and no Accept or Reject button appeared. (AW-23997)

  • In some systems, agents weren't being correctly logged out of CXone Agent Embedded. (AW-24429)

CXone Attendant

  • When special Japanese characters were used in the first or last name of a user, CXone Attendant showed a blank page for that user. (ATT-15775)


  • When an agent logged out of MAX while logged in to a Personal Connection skill, the agent was logged as being in a dialer or dialer pending state until they logged back in. (OB-18714)

  • On the latest Chrome version, MAX crashed when the disposition dialog appeared. (MAX-13974)

Personal Connection

  • The SMS templates for agentless skills didn't appear under the Message Template drop-down. (OB-18932)


  • When contacts were transferred using the Launch button in MAX, they didn't appear as active contacts in CXone Supervisor live monitoring. (DAT-14379)


  • Live monitoring sometimes showed old data. (DAT-15765)

Pipeline Update 155

Published 16 April 2024*

Cloud Storage Services

  • When creating a new file retrieval, the date range selector showed a transparent calendar on top of the page content. (STO-11554)

IEX WFM Integrated

  • The RTA agent states didn't match the ACD agent states. (INT-46459)

Interaction Analytics

  • Reprocessing historical data, even small amounts, could sometimes become stuck for a long time. (AN-52919)

Partner Tools

  • Calls with Presence Sync were sometimes dropped. (ORC-31928)

CXone Recording

  • Some part of the screen was not visible when playing an interaction with multiple screens with the View All option. (CXREC-57791)

CXone Studio

  • Could not open scripts from the SPAWN action on the script canvas. CWXS-13573
  • Script saving was disabled after an error occurred in an action property, even if the action was removed from the script. CWXS-13051
  • When clicking on the script canvas, the browser options menu appeared instead of the appropriate CXone Studio menu. CWXS-9141
  • Connectors were not copied when selecting multiple actions to copy and paste. CWXS-9139
  • The Cancel button did not work on the PLAY action editor window. CWXS-15155
  • The RESKILL action did not display connector anchors when on the script canvas. CWXS-14634
  • After navigating into a folder and back to the previous folder on the Scripts page, no scripts displayed on the page. CWXS-11726
  • The most important property that displays when an action is on the canvas was being overwritten by other property values. CWXS-13050
  • Users could change action captions when the script was unlocked and in view-only mode. CWXS-13573
  • An additional copy of a recording made in the PLAY action editor was saved each time the Save button was clicked. CWXS-15154
  • The SNIPPET action editor showed a "no viable alternative at input" error instead of meaningful error messages. CWXS-14037

2024-1 Cumulative Update 3

Published 26 March 2024*


CXone Agent

  • You couldn’t enable only the agent response timer or only the customer response timer. When one was enabled, both timers appeared in the agent application. (AW-22528)

  • When an agent tried to place an outbound call to another agent using the address book, they received an error. (AW-22635)

  • Callbacks delivered to an agent in CXone Agent Embedded didn't include an option to accept or reject the callback. (AW-22965)

  • In web chat channels, the contact couldn't see approved messages until they refreshed the chat window. (AW-19786)


  • Pulling contacts with v28 sometimes returned duplicate contact IDs. (RPT-37249)

  • Using APIs to change integratedSoftphoneWebRtcUrls to United Kingdom 2 returned a successful message, but the change didn't appear in the product interface. (API-13165)

Digital Experience

  • When an email channel name contained multiple spaces, the SendEmail Studio action failed. (DE-91252)

Partner Tools

  • Publisher flow didn't work for systems that only had a Presence Sync license. (PIN-6527)


  • Some environments crashed as the result of improper use of the Snippet Studio action. Improvements have been made to prevent similar occurrences in the future. (ORC-30957)


  • In the Contact Detail report, sometimes the end reason was missing. When this occurred, the recording duration was shown as 4:59:59, regardless of the actual call duration. (ORC-30802)

  • In dashboard widgets, some agent state data included (1) durations of 00:00 where agents did spend time in the state, and (2) data out of the selected date range. (RPT-36955)

Pipeline Update 154

Published 26 March 2024*

Digital Experience

  • When a custom field was in read-only mode, the chat showed the custom field key instead of the value. (DE-88849)

  • If a WFA trigger or Scheduler had more than one job assigned to it and those jobs weren't listed in the correct run order, some of the events and operations didn't run. (DE-93527)

  • The case conversation history sometimes didn't include all interactions with the contact. (DE-88598)

  • Credit card masking wasn't working for Digital Experience Email. (DE-93687)


  • In rare cases, interval processing was blocked. (INT-45400)

  • Historical data showed the handle time but not the volume. (INT-45771)

Interaction Analytics

  • Workspace and category templates were missing from systems in certain regions. (AN-52657)

  • The Analytics category was missing from the add new widget page in CXone Dashboard. (AN-52531)

  • In some regions, reprocessing sometimes didn't complete successfully. (AN-52505)

  • When users filtered interactions by Master Contact ID, played back a call, and returned to Home, the Master Contact ID filter couldn't be removed. (AN-52307)

  • In some environments, the Behavioral Metrics Widget wouldn't load results for teams. (AN-51928)

CXone Recording

  • Some Contact IDs were unavailable in Interactions search. (CXREC-56547)


  • The Adherence BI report showed some agent activity as unknown during the agent's working hours. (INT-45887)

  • The Agent Session report showed different data from the Agent Unavailable Time report. (MRP-24548)

CXone Studio

  • Clicking an action on the script canvas changed its size, causing its connectors to move and reroute. (CXWS-13012)
  • Opening the Agent Workflow Config action editor did not launch Integration Hub. (CXWS-8932)
  • Actions could not be deleted from the script canvas when the cursor was in the Search field on the Actions palette. (CXWS-8634)
  • The authentication token failed to refresh for the editor windows of actions in CXone Studio after a session expired due to being idle for one hour. (CXWS-14627)
  • Multi-selected actions could not be cut and pasted on the script using CTRL+X and CTRL+V. (CXWS-14313)

CXone Workforce Management

  • Mobile:

    Full day trade slots are not auto-selected when agents opt for a full day trade. (EMOB-5069)

2024-1 Cumulative Update 2

Published 5 March 2024*


  • In some systems, opening Workflow Data and then navigating to another page within that area resulted in an error message. (AAD-25009)

CXone Agent Applications

  • When a system using CXone Agent Integrated set up data memorialization that used the Recording URL data field, the recording playback path was incorrect, and the recordings couldn't be played back. (AW-20980)

  • In some FedRAMP environments, the Launch CXone Agent link didn't open the FedRAMP URL for the application. (AW-21701)

  • When an agent had an active digital interaction and outbound phone call, they couldn't add more parties to the call. (AW-21250)

  • With the CXone Agent Chrome extension, callbacks didn't trigger a ring alert, even with the correct settings enabled. (AW-21047)

  • When an inbound skill required the agent to manually accept calls and the agent role was configured for auto-answer, callbacks didn't include Accept and Reject buttons. (AW-21016)

  • With the CXone Agent Chrome extension in small view, screen pops didn't open in a new tab. (AW-20438)

  • The redial feature in Contact History wouldn't dial an outbound call. (AW-22320)

  • When an agent was assigned to only one skill, they couldn't see calls waiting in that skill's queue. (AW-21719)

  • When the skill view setting was disabled for an agent, they were still able to search for skills in the directory. (AW-21663)


  • In some environments, Performance Management was unable to pull data from the v24 APIs. (AW-20878)

  • In an agent/state-history request, data from a session didn't appear if the user didn’t log out within the specified time range. (RPT-36819)


  • If an agent parked an email while they had a call on hold, they couldn't resume the call. (ORC-30643)


  • Engage stereo mode broke recordings when it tried to read SIP endpoints from variables. (ORC-26602)


  • The Active Contacts report sometimes showed old, irrelevant recordings. (RPT-37292)

  • The Form filter in certain QM BI reports displayed every version of a form. If a form was deleted, and another form was created with the same name, there was no way to distinguish between the old form and the new one. Now, only the latest version of each form will be displayed. This impacts the following reports:

    • Evaluation Details

    • Evaluation Question Details

    • Evaluation Question and Answer Details

    • Evaluation by Team

    • Evaluation by Section and Question

    • Evaluation Question and Answer Analysis

    • Calibration Report



  • Snippet scripts using the GetRestProxy() function couldn't be called using Postman. (ORC-31163)

  • SNIPPET scripts with unicode characters weren't properly URL-encoded if the script called RestProxy.urlencode(). (ORC-30649)

  • The REST API action didn't honor the timeout setting when the endpoint returned HTTP Status 400. (ORC-28608)

CXone Studio

  • In API calls, the runTime property was returned in UTC-7 instead of UTC-0. (CXWS-14880)

Pipeline Update 153

Published 5 March 2024*


  • When the name of a role changed, the old name still appeared on the My Profile page of any user assigned to it. (UH-35791)

Digital Experience

  • Searching for cases on the Digital CRM page sometimes failed to load results. (DE-87376)

IEX WFM Integrated

  • Agents were sometimes marked as unavailable in MAX while they were handling digital contacts. (INT-45495)

Interaction Analytics

  • Interaction Analytics sometimes failed to show data until the data was reprocessed. (AN-51911)

CXone Recording

  • Some user group data was not updated correcly. (CXREC-55916)

CXone Studio

  • The SNIPPET action editor displayed syntax errors when the left(), right(), or length() functions were used. (CXWS-14342)

  • The search bar in the Actions palette returned the list of all actions instead of only those matching the search term. (CXWS-10806)

  • After unlocking and relocking a script for editing, the script canvas fails to load and remains in a perpetual loading state. (CXWS-15076)

2024-1 Cumulative Update 1

Published 20 February 2024*


  • Contacts sometimes became stuck in the InQueuePreview state. (ORC-29985)

  • Editing an hours of operation profile returned an error message: "Please contact your system administrator." (API-12798)

CXone Agent Applications

  • Notes in the customer card didn't appear in the order they were updated. (AW-20102)

  • If the agent refreshed the related interactions and then refreshed their browser, the current interaction record disappeared from the customer card. (AW-20979)

Monitoring Gateway

  • Voice Quality Metrics would time out and produce an error. (PSHM-18226)


  • Certain systems were down for over an hour. The source of the problem was identified and fixed to prevent future occurrences. (ORC-30136)


  • In the Snippet action, the GetRESTProxy() function produced an error. (ORC-30956)

Pipeline Update 152

Published 13 February 2024*

The Prompt Filters in Agent Skill Assignments Report feature has been released with this update. For details, see the Mid-Release Features section in the new features section of the release notes.

Digital Experience

  • Agents couldn't reply to or forward messages in closed email cases. (DE-82174)

  • Emails sometimes entered the agent inbox with inline images missing. (DE-81701)

  • Sometimes when agents tried to send messages without attachments they would receive two messages: (1) "Unable to send reply/outbound." and (2) "Message not sent, please retry. Attachment not sent, please upload again." The Retry button allowed agents to send the message. (DE-81524)

  • In Portuguese environments, some of the text in the email form was in English. (DE-81341)

  • A live chat window could impact the styles in the webpage it was embedded in. (DE-81717)

  • When an agent received an inactivity pop-up in an interaction, it didn't disappear even after the agent closed the interaction. (DE-81333)

  • Customer cards didn't appear for phone calls in systems where the script used the CCCreate Studio action. (DE-81692)


  • The prebuilt Adherence Report sometimes showed unknown activity for agents. (INT-45621)

Interaction Analytics

  • For skills with certain names, users couldn't click the skill and see all its associated interactions. (AN-50918)


  • SSO users received a "Your password will expire in X days" warning. (SC-48113)

CXone Recording

  • When creating a quality plan using groups, no interactions were added because interactions were missing group assignment. (CXREC-53916)


  • The Campaign Summary BI report frequently crashed. (MRP-23987)

CXone Studio

  • Tooltip text for the Lock and Unlock icons incorrectly displayed No and Yes. (CXWS-14183)
  • The Snippet editor gave a syntax error when users entered object names with dot notation, such as objectName.member. (CXWS-14038)
  • The Snippet editor did not identify syntax errors if a statement, keyword, or function was preceded by lines containing any text or characters. (CXWS-13577)
  • The properties panel on the right side of the script canvas allowed users to modify properties even if the script was unlocked and in read-only mode. (CXWS-11872)
  • In actions containing the SkillNo property, such as Estimated Wait Time, the property's label did not display correctly. (CXWS-11649)
  • When the user included a variable in a string in the Snippet editor, the syntax highlighter used the same color for variable as for the surrounding characters. (CXWS-13943)


  • When trying to export the Real-Time Adherence data, an error message appeared. (CXWFM-46538)

2024-1 Release

Published 6 February 2024*


  • Some script schedules didn't appear in the Script Schedules table. (AAD-24107)

  • If a call placed with a manual outbound voice skill was given the Negative - DNC - BU disposition, the contact's number wasn't automatically added to the do not call list. (ORC-28814)


  • An inactive user could make changes in CXone via APIs. (AAD-24153)

Cloud Storage Services

  • Users couldn't create a file retrieval request when the DNIS filter contained a special character. (STO-10427)

CXone Agent Applications

  • When screenpops were configured with the OnPageOpen Studio action, the screenpop opened in multiple tabs. (AW-19574)

  • With the default browser language set to Japanese, agents couldn't assign a new commitment to a skill. The commitment was always assigned to the agent. (AW-195332)

  • In some environments, agents logging in to CXone Agent were redirected to another page unless they cleared their internet browser cache. (AW-19792)

  • In inbound emails with inline images, the inline images appeared to be broken. (AW-19689)

  • When a name contained digits, agents couldn't search for it in the address book. (AW-19900)

  • When WEM was opened in a separate tab and running in the background, agents couldn't make outbound calls. (AW-18994)

  • When an agent called another agent in CXone Agent, the receiving agent's phone didn't ring. (AW-19632)

  • In Japanese environments, the agent state was mistranslated. (AW-19660)

  • In the WebRTC browser extension, screenpops were sometimes missing the Current Interaction section. (AW-20664)

  • The LinkedIn icon didn't appear next to LinkedIn interactions in the contact history. (AW-20722)

  • In external directories, agents could only see contacts that had a mobile number configured. (AW-20686)

  • Contact information sometimes showed fields containing '[object]' instead of data. (AW-18055)

  • CXone Agent could only dial numbers up to 14 digits in length. CXone Agent now supports up to 16 digits. (AW-19902)

CXone Agent Embedded

  • Second-level case searches configured in Studio scripts didn't yield results. (AW-19842)

Data Streams

  • When AGENT_CONTACT_ID, located in the DIGI_AGENTCONTACT table, was processed and it had multiple skills, a random skill was updated in the AGENT_CONTACT_FACT table. (DAT-13262)

Digital Experience

  • When users configured a website script for a digital point of contact, the init command used tenant ID instead of brand ID. This prevented chats from being initiated by CXone Guide. (DE-65048)

  • When a user opened a chat bubble, resized their browser window, and then minimized the chat window, the chat bubble would relocate and stay anchored at the top of the browser. (DE-69732)

  • Agents couldn't see HTML tables in inbound emails. (DE-68943)

  • Quick responses didn't display customer or case custom fields when the name contained underscores. (DE-73629)

  • Changing the translation in a chat returned Error 400. (DE-76949)

CXone Guide

  • The Custom Script option was missing from the Add existing condition drop-down. (DE-75245)

Interaction Analytics

  • When users saved a search where the keywords contained apostrophes, an error appeared. (AN-50411)

  • Filtering a dataset by date created results with missing data. (AN-50217)

Partner Applications

  • When users requested data from the log reader, it sometimes didn't return anything. (PSHM-16262)

  • In some environments, contacts would sometimes disappear from Directory Sync. (PIN-6102)

  • In Voice Quality Metrics, the Natural Calling Dialer option was missing from the call direction distribution tile. (PSHM-17903)

Personal Connection

  • When a message template was set for right-to-left text, the SMS included HTML code. (OB-17654)


  • If an agent logged out while handling a contact, CXone Supervisor showed the agent in an active state. (ORC-29119)

  • A large number of CXone application notifications caused delays in screen recordings. (CXAPP-22802)

CXone Recording

  • When tagging a segment with a group or user, the notification included segments that were not tagged. (CXREC-52137)

  • Audio became distorted in one of the recorded channels. (CXREC-51072)

  • Updated group names were not visible on interaction recordings. (CXREC-50608)

  • The audio expiration date was not returned for audio interactions when the screen recording was deleted. (CXREC-49917)

  • The Contact view in the Interactions application was not working correctly. (CXREC-49451)

  • There were missing fields in the CXone AppLink metadata. (CXREC-49222)

  • Playback was unavailable due to a timeout while uploading mp4. (CXREC-47377)


  • Outbound calls in the Contact History report were missing recordings. The recordings were also missing from the Interactions page. (API-11913)

  • When users opened a completed data download schedule and clicked Activate, an error appeared. (RPT-36340)


  • Digital ReqAgent didn't use the right case ID when calling APIs. (DE-75611)

  • A recent version of Studio didn't include a digital signature, which prevented actions from being performed on machines with certain security applications. (STX-21922)

CXone Workforce Management

  • Users couldn't see WFM schedules on the mobile app. (CXWFM-43754)

  • Agents' partial time-off was getting removed when regenerating the schedule. (CXWFM-42616)

  • Failed to generate schedules. (CXWFM-42494)

  • The optimization plans were suggesting wrong activity adjustments for agents who had more than one daily rule. (CXWFM-42400)

Out-of-Band Releases

Agent for SCV


Published 1 December 2023*

  • After logging in, the agent's status was set to offline instead of displaying the mapped unavailable code. (SF-12794)

  • When agents ended a call on mute, they received an error message. (SF-12758)

  • Calls occasionally failed after agents made multiple blind transfers or added callers. (SF-12808)

  • Calls weren't displayed in the UI after agents refreshed the page. (SF-12806)

  • After receiving an error, agents couldn't end a call until they refreshed the page. (SF-12828)

  • Agent status didn't change to Held Party Abandoned when the contact ended the call after being put on hold. (SF-12821)

  • When media access was denied, the agent received an error message. The message didn't include any troubleshooting information. (SF-12820)

  • The address book button was not displayed on the dial pad screen. (SF-12867)

  • When agents logged out of and then logged back in, their previous status changed to offline. (SF-12866)

  • Agents were unable to call other agents from the address book. When they placed the call, it would fail and an error message would display. (SF-12853)

  • Agent status didn't change to available at the end of a call. (SF-12822)

  • Agents were unable to make calls by selecting skills in the address book. (SF-12896)

  • Agents could see deactivated skills in the address book. (SF-12881)

  • Agents could see skills that weren't assigned to them in the address book. (SF-12950)

  • Non-available codes could not be seen in the publisher state. (SF-12914)

Performance Management (Legacy)

May 2024 Fixes

Published 28 May 2024*

  • When a user added a custom image to a Spotlight slide, the image didn't appear while the slide was being edited. (CS-20050, CS-20380)

  • After a user clicked Publish, the Publish bar was still available. (CS-20098)

  • The Queue Counter widget showed a "No data" message when it should have shown a value of 0. (CS-19873, CS-20036, CS-20088, CS-20268)

  • If a user made column adjustments on the shared dashboards, saved the changes, went to another WebView, and then returned, the column adjustment changes were reverted. (CS-18229, CS-19909, CS-20041, CS-19949, CS-20521, CS-18558, CS-19550)

  • The Gauge widget didn't show the correct data. (CS-20304)

  • The scroll bar in the wallboard date selection disappeared, making it difficult to select custom dates. (CS-20205)

  • When a user added the KPI Trend metric to the KPI Trend widget and applied the Today date filter, a "Something went wrong" or "No date" error message appeared. (CS-20182)

  • If a profile template had multiple supervisors selected and then a user updated it to select all company, team, or agent, the selection was reverted to the original supervisors. (CS-20033)

  • In the metrics selector, users couldn't reorder metrics by dragging and dropping them. (CS-19991, CS-20520)

  • When a user tried to upload the Exclude CDI Contacts file to the Custom Data Import page, the action never completed. (CS-19977, CS-19921)

  • When a user removed all assigned groups from metrics, the assignments reverted to their previous selection. (CS-19862)

  • The YTD date range filters began at 1 January 2023 instead of 1 January 2024. (CS-19310)

  • Games configured with a downward metric didn't award prizes to users with a metric value of 0. (CS-18864)

  • The Contact Arrival widget didn't show the correct data. (CS-20539)

  • The Interval widget didn't show accurate data when filtered by the Days of Week range for inbound queued calls. (CS-20256)

April 2024 Fixes

Published 16 April 2024*

  • When a user edited any setting for a dashboard widget that had a custom name, the custom name was replaced with the default name. (CS-19617, CS-19662, CS-19679, CS-19993)

  • The Summary and Interval widgets showed inaccurate data when the start date was set to the first day of the month and the end date was set to yesterday. (CS-18869, CS-19065)

  • When a user tried to remove a new or existing agent attribute assignment, the action failed and an error appeared. (CS-18568)

  • Some widgets incorrectly displayed the error message "Network connection lost." (CS-19412)

  • The Interval widget incorrectly showed a value of 0 for all days if the date range was set to "This Week" and included days from December 2023 and January 2024. (CS-19210)

  • When users received an invitation to join a game, the invitation wasn't listed on the Join tab of the Games widget until the beginning of the work day. (CS-18493)

Salesforce Agent

Fixed issues for the current Salesforce Agent release and the two previous releases are available on the Salesforce Agent Release History page.

Known Issues

These are the current unresolved issues in CXone products. If a known issue has a workaround, that information is included.

Agent for SCV

  • When agents log in to Agent for SCV using the Integrated Softphone, the dialpad doesn't appear. Agents must refresh the browser to load it.

  • When a call disconnects, the call still appears on the screen below the dialpad.

CXone AppLink

  • CXone AppLink does not support multiple NICE Engage systems that are connected to a single CXone tenant.

  • Real-time capabilities, such as Real-Time Monitoring and Real-Time Authentication, are not supported in CXone for CXone AppLink users.

  • All agents imported from NICE Engage must have an email address listed in NICE Engage. Agents without an email address are not created in CXone and their calls are not imported. This does not include calls for basic recording and unmapped users.

  • Teams in NICE Engage are not automatically synchronized with CXone but can be uploaded via the Bulk Employee Upload tool.

  • CXone AppLink can only import up to 50 business data fields.

  • NICE Engage comments, annotations, and categorizations are not supported in CXone.

  • CXone Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) by skill is not supported in CXone for CXone AppLink users.

  • CXone AppLink only uploads H.264 screen recordings to CXone.

  • When playing back imported recordings in CXone, the CXone player does not display pause and resume indications for the recording.

  • A Quality Plan by skill cannot be generated in CXone for CXone AppLink users. You can create a Quality Plan according to a business data field if the skill is populated into that field.

  • Users in NICE Engage who are defined with multiple agents are imported into CXone as a single agent.

CXone Dashboard

  • While the Media Sub-type data attributes filter can be viewed in the metric widgets, it is currently not functional and is planned to be phased out in a future release.

Digital Experience

  • Credit card masking with Workflow Automation is only supported for standard credit card format. Credit card issuers may change their range or formatting. Our pattern recognition only supports changes made through March 2024.

  • Chrome doesn't require third-party cookies by default. If you use Chrome as your browser while using Digital Experience with MAX, enable third-party cookies to avoid issues.

Interaction Analytics

  • The metrics for Average Duration and Average Silence do not calculate correctly for the Analytics Category Statistics report. These values are currently hidden in the report until they can be fixed.

CXone Quality Management

  • Conference segments cannot be transcribed/categorized. For example, if an agent adds a participant to a call between them and a customer, the segment up until that point will be transcribed and categorized, but from that point and on, it will not be transcribed or categorized. This is applicable for users with CXone QM Advanced license.

CXone Recording and Playback

  • Skills and teams are assigned only to segments with an assigned leading agent. Interactions with no assigned agent include IVR, off-platform, and some outbound dialer interactions. For these interactions, skills and teams are not assigned and interaction-segment-based views are not applicable.

  • When the date range of a search starts before 1 July 2022, sorting by any of the behavioral metrics columns generates an error message. Subsequent filtering also generates the error message. To resolve the issue, close the message and sort on a column that is not behavioral metrics before continuing to filter. To avoid the issue, sort on any column except for behavioral metrics or set the date range for searches after 1 July 2022.

  • For Japanese, be sure to search for interactions using exact text.

  • When the duration of a complex digital channel interaction extends beyond 5 hours, the related segments icon does not appear by the related segments in that call. You can play back each interaction in the call separately, however, sometimes you cannot play back the entire interaction.

  • When a call is transferred to another agent who does not answer, the recorded segment is marked as a complex call. The segment appears in the search results with the Related Segments icon even though there are no related segments.

  • If there is a failover on the ACD side during a call, the recording will be available for search and playback after 5 hours from the call start. In a complex scenario with multiple segments, the call might not be recorded or it might be recorded with unexpected behavior, for example, without masking.

  • Chat and email:

    • For emails that were transferred or reskilled, the transferred/reskilled segment itself does not include the email transcript. Other segments do include the email transcript.

    • Playback does not support attachments.

    • The first segment in a chat only allows playback of the one segment. The full contact can be played back from subsequent chat segments.

  • For calls transferred to external phone numbers:

    • When transferring from the IVR, the external interaction is not recorded.

    • When using a cold transfer, the external interaction is recorded, even if there is a Do Not Record policy with the external participant’s phone number.

    • For a conference call, playing back a contact displays the name of external participant as Customer. In all other cases, the name of external participant appears as Other Participant.

    • The interaction between the customer and external participant is recorded in mono mode.

    • The segments transferred to external phone numbers do not display the agent names in the search grid because agents are not involved in such segments.

  • CXone Recording provides some limited support of silence suppression during the call when the carrier uses silence suppression to lower the bandwidth due to external issues and for a few seconds. We recommend that you work with NICE NetOps and the carrier to ensure silence suppression is disabled on the carrier side since it may reduce the quality of the call recording.

  • Screen recording policies allow you to define a period of recording the screen after the call has ended (after call work). After call work recording might exceed the defined time by up to two seconds.

  • If an agent logs in to MAX or Salesforce Agent on more than one computer at a time, when screen is recorded, it's recorded for all computers. For those recordings, the screen recording won't play back correctly.

  • For calls that include more than one screen recording, such as conference calls, consultations, and internal calls, the player only displays the screens of one of the agents during playback. The player indicates which agent's screens are being played back.

  • If a call is transferred from one agent to another, the screens of both agents are played back in the resolution of the first agent’s screen.

  • Screen recording is initiated up to 25 seconds after the agent logs in. Screen recording might not work properly during these 25 seconds. This issue only affects tenants configured with 100% screen recording.

  • Sometimes a black screen appears during playback:

    • There was a screen recording delay (milliseconds) due to latency. In this case, a black screen may appear at the beginning of the call to synchronize playback of the screen and voice recordings.

    • The agent ran an app with admin permissions during the call recording. In this case, screen recording stops when the UAC message appears.

      Screen recording restarts when the pop-up is closed. During playback, a black screen appears while screen recording was stopped.

  • The ScreenAgent application does not work properly if installed with administrative rights on a non-persistent VMWare Horizon VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

    The alternatives are to install the application with non-administrative rights or to use a persistent environment.

  • If you download calls from Secure External Access that were recorded before December 10, 2018, you won’t be able to play them back.

    To save or play back a specific call (even if it was recorded before December 10, 2018), you can go to Search and find the call. Then, from the Player, you can play it back or download it.


  • When an agent initiates an outbound email, the Digital Messages report does not include it in the Agent Messages count. The case IDs for outbound emails display as null in the Agent Messages column of the report.

  • Errors occur in the Activity Audit report and Change Audit report when the Time Period is set to more than the Last 7 days.

  • The Time Utilization report displays data for inactive agents. This happens when agents are deactivated, but their schedules have already been generated. The report will continue to display the agent's data for the duration of the generated schedule.

    For example, an agent's schedule was made in May 2023 and lasts until September 2023. The agent was deactivated in June 2023. Even though the agent is deactivated, their data still appears in the report until September 2023.

CXone Workforce Management

General CXone WFM
  • For CXone ACD users: CXone WFM shows all actual agent states sent by CXone ACD. CXone ACD sends data differently to CXone applications. This means that the data displayed in one app can be inconsistent with the ACD data in other apps.

    For example, dialer states are sent to Supervisor and Dashboard but not to CXone WFM. In these cases, they will either be displayed as available or won't be reported at all in CXone WFM.

  • If you activated CXone WFM for the first time after November 2022 and have the CXone ACD, the historical data may not be readily available to CXone WFM. Contact support to import the historical data from CXone ACD to CXone WFM.

  • Data of inactive agents for whom schedules were already published is retained. As a result, these inactive agents' data is getting populated in the adherence reports.

    This can be avoided. Deselect the inactive agents in the Filter Data while running the reports. This will exclude the inactive agents' data from getting populated in the adherence reports.

  • The inactive agents and their data are shown in the time utilization report. This occurs when agents' schedules for future dates are generated prior to deactivation. The agent's data will continue to be displayed in the report for the duration of the generated schedule.

    For example, Agent A's schedule was made on 1st May 23 and lasts until 30th September 23. Agent A was deactivated on 24 June 23. Even though Agent A is deactivated, the data will remain on the report until 30 September 23.

  • Intraday widget in Dashboard: Users may expect to see data but get a message that there's no data to display.

    This could happen when the displayed interval changes to the next and the data is still loading.

    For example, you look at Intraday data in Dashboards at 12:05. The widget is displaying data for the 11:45 interval. Next, you look at the widget at 12:15 and you see a message that there's no data. This happens because the widget is still loading data for the 12:00 interval.

    The solution is to let the widget load the interval data. In our example, the interval data for 12:00 should be loaded by 12:17.

  • When exporting, the file may be missing data if you select more than 50 skills. To avoid missing data, try lowering the date range or exporting twice with a shorter date range for each export. Let's say you want to export 50 skills over 14 days. Try exporting twice, each export for 7 days.

  • Real-Time Adherence (RTA) displays agent adherence in real time. Because the page refreshes often, it’s recommended to have a focused view. This means that you limit the number of displayed agents to under 250. You can lower the number of displayed agents by using filters.

  • Some mapped activities may be displayed as unmapped in Real-Time Adherence. If this happens, try to enter the mapped activity in the ACD mapping page and click Submit.


In Schedule Manager, the net staffing values are not getting updated upon applying the Groups and Activity Codes filters.