Time Utilization

Related Products or Features: Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, WFM

Required Permissions:Report Viewer, Time Utilization Report

Required Employee Settings: Can View BI Reports

The Time Utilization report displays a breakdown of schedules that were generated, helping you understand how your agents spend their time, and how much time is invested in different activities. Using this report can help you retrospect on schedules before you publish them, streamlining your agents' time utilization. You can also gain insights by looking at past schedules, focusing on overtime and out-of-office activities, and adjust future scheduling accordingly.

Examples of Use

  • Fine tune new schedule by reviewing older scheduling

    Jane is in charge of building the schedule for her team. Before she publishes the upcoming schedule, she can check how her teams were scheduled in the past.

  • Make sure agents aren't overworked

    Mark wants to identify if agents on his team are over-scheduled, so he runs the Time Utilization report and selects his scheduling units.

Main Page

The Time Utilization report displays data in four widgets. You can toggle between viewing the widgets by activity type or by activity code. You can filter by day, scheduling unit, or agent to refine the information displayed on this page.

Each widget presents the data from a different perspective.