ScreenAgent: Cumulative Release Notes

This table lists the features added to previous ScreenAgent releases.

To ensure that CXone Recording Workforce Engagement (WEM) delivers a seamless customer experience that utilizes the most up-to-date technology, the following ScreenAgent versions will no longer be supported and will not enable screen recording from May 1, 2024. This is the final date and no further extensions will take place:

  • ScreenAgent for Windows versions below 3.0.22

  • ScreenAgent for MAC versions below 3.0.1

If you are using older ScreenAgent versions, you will need to upgrade all your users to ScreenAgent 3.0.x versions before May 1, 2024.

You can find the latest version of ScreenAgent in the downloads page.

To use ScreenAgent 3.0.x versions, make sure you have allowed the following FQDNs:

  • For FedRamp:

  • For all other regions:


For information about installing and configuring ScreenAgent, see:

Release note Description CXone Release ScreenAgent for Windows ScreenAgent for MAC

You can record and monitor agents’ screens on ChromeOS machines, such as Chromebox and Chromebook.

CXone Recording records the screen using a web application. You need to configure application settings. You do not need to download or install client software. You need to configure ScreenAgent to use OS Login.


The ScreenAgent configuration file is hidden by default. This makes the solution more secure and limits access to configuration file content, such as Access keys, Secret keys, configurations, and so on.

2024-1 3.0.22  
  • ScreenAgent supports OS Login credentials, which allows screen recording to work on advanced configurations, such as CXone Multi-ACD (CXone Open), multi-session environments, and more.

  • Screen recording is supported in multi-session environments and can record the screen of each agent separately. ScreenAgent should be configured to work with OS Login, and users need to log in with OS Login credentials.

Fall 23 3.0.22  
  • You can install ScreenAgent on any drive on the agent's desktop, not only on the C drive.

  • When you upgrade or reinstall ScreenAgent, you can keep existing configuration settings or overwrite them.

  • You can download the ScreenAgent Connectivity Check tool to check that network configuration is set correctly for ScreenAgent to work properly. Users can use the tool before or after installing ScreenAgent.

Summer 23


  • ScreenAgent is installed with a digital signature.

  • ScreenAgent can record a single call for up to 3 hours (+45 min ACW) before it automatically disconnects (increased from 2 hours + 45 min ACW).

Spring 23



  • New ScreenAgent configurations per Windows machine:

    • Frame per second recording rate. This helps optimize your computer resources (CPU, RAM, and bandwidth).

    • Resolution of the recording screen. This helps optimize your computer resources (CPU, RAM, and bandwidth).

  • ScreenAgent for Windows supports the User Access Control (UAC) pop-up and continues to record after the UAC pop-up is accepted or rejected.

  • On Windows machines, ScreenAgent logs are uploaded to the cloud. This improves collection of logs. Support and Services teams can access ScreenAgent logs without requesting them from the customer.

Fall 22



  • ScreenAgent supports self-signed certificates for screen recording.

  • Starting July 1, 2022, ScreenAgent versions lower than 2.1.40 are not supported. You must upgrade all users to ScreenAgent version 2.1.40 or higher and then contact your CXone Account Representative to enable the new functionality of screen recording. You can use the current installation guide for instructions and there are no additional costs.

Summer 22



ScreenAgent supports 5 proxy authentication methods. This support is only for screen recording and not for screen monitoring.

Spring 22



ScreenAgent is supported on Mac operating system for screen recording and screen monitoring.

Fall 21

2.1.79 and 2.1.81

2.1.79 and 2.1.81

CXone Recording masks all active screen recordings when a voice recording is masked. This ensures that no sensitive data is transferred via digital channels.

August 21



ScreenAgent supports up to 10 parallel screen recordings (voice and digital) for the same agent.

Summer 21

2.1.40 and 2.1.49


In addition to support for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, ScreenAgent also supports VMware Horizon. There is no setup required to start using VMware Horizon with ScreenAgent.

Spring 21