Scheduling Units

A scheduling unit organizes employees into groups with common scheduling requirements. The requirements include the operating days and hours of the unit which may have more than one working shift. For example, groups of employees working specific shifts in a specific location or employees working in a specific department.

When an account is created, a default scheduling unit is created with the same name as the account. The account creation is done by NICE support.

You can add employees directly to a scheduling unit when creating a scheduling unit or you can assign an employee to a scheduling unit when creating or editing employees.

An employee can be assigned to only one scheduling unit. If an employee was previously assigned to a different scheduling unit, the new unit replaces the old unit for future schedules.

In addition, you can edit and delete scheduling units.

To create a scheduling unit:

  1. Click the app selector and select Admin.

  2. Click Scheduling Unit.

  3. Click New Unit.

  4. In the Create New Scheduling Unit window, enter a name for the unit.

  5. Define the first day of the workweek and the time zone that this unit works in.

    Agents in the scheduling unit and their manager each see their schedule according to their own time zone.

    For example, a manager who works in New York (Eastern Time) has a scheduling unit in California (Pacific Time). In Schedule Manager, the manager will see that the workday starts at 9 in the morning (Eastern Time). The agents will see that the same workday starts at 6 in the morning (Pacific Time) in My Zone.

  6. In the Operating Hours tab, select the workdays for the unit.

  7. For each workday, select the working hours of the unit or select All Day if the Work Hours are 24 hours.

  8. To assign employees to the Scheduling Unit, go to the Employees tab, and click Assign Employees.

  9. Select the employees you want to assign to the Scheduling Unit. You can search and filter for specific employees. Once selected click, Confirm to add employees.

    The previously assigned employees are listed in the Assigned tab.

  10. Click Create.

    This new unit will appears in the list of scheduling units.

To edit and delete an existing scheduling unit:

  • To edit an existing scheduling unit's operating hours and employees, click on the scheduling unit's row. Updating a scheduling unit follows the same rules as adding a scheduling unit. When you are finished updating, click Save.

  • To delete a scheduling unit, click the trash Screenshot of the trash icon icon on the row of that unit or delete multiple scheduling units by using the selection boxes and clicking Delete.

    The default scheduling unit cannot be deleted. When a scheduling unit is deleted, any employees who were assigned to that scheduling unit will be assigned to the default scheduling unit.