Chat Channels

Digital First Omnichannel chat channels are separate from their CXone counterparts. In Digital First Omnichannel, chat interactions route to the agent's digital inboxClosed Area where cases appear in the digital interaction workspace in an agent application and not the agent application's chat or email workspaces. Also, routing of Digital First Omnichannel chat messages happens through routing queuesClosed Digital First equivalent of a skill; routes each contact to an agent assigned to handle that type of contact and filters, not CXone ACD skills.

Digital First Omnichannel offers 2 options for chat channels: 

  • Live chat allows customers and agents to interact in real time.
  • Chat messaging is asynchronous. Customers can send a chat message at any time and wait for a response from an agent. The experience is much like a private direct messaging channel. Chat messaging also supports multiple threads. This means that customers can have more than one chat, potentially with more than one agent, happening simultaneously.

Key Facts about Digital First Omnichannel Chat

  • Digital First Omnichannel live chatClosed Agents and contacts interact on a real-time basis and chat messagingClosed Asynchronous chat in which contacts send a chat message anytime and wait for a reply support:
    • Text preview, customizable pop-ups, customizable common phrases, and custom fields.
    • Customizable restrictions on attachment file size and type.
    • Generating links from other channels.
    • Escalation to chat from Digital First Omnichannel email.
    • An in-chat game (Snake) that customers can play while waiting for agents to respond by chat (requires script customization).
    • Helper View, where others can view and comment on chats.
    • Video calls and co-browsing (requires integration with Surfly; contact your CXone Account Representative for more information).
    • Customer authentication using OAuth.
    • Satisfaction surveys.
    • Advanced customization using script commands.
    • Bot integration with structured content such as rich links, galleries, and quick replies.
    • Group chat, where agents as well as contacts can invite other people into a chat conversation.
  • Digital First Omnichannel live chat and chat messaging integrate with several CXone WEM products: 
    • CXone Recording with screen recording—If your organization uses this feature, you can record agents' chats, then search for and play the recordings.
    • QM—If your organization uses this feature, you can you can evaluate chats along with other interactions.
    • Interaction Analytics—If your organization uses this feature, you can use it to analyze sentiment in Digital First Omnichannel live chat and chat messaging. The sentiment indicators in Digital First Omnichannel chat cases are also based on Interaction Analytics sentiment analysis.
  • If your organization offers an app for your customers to use, you can integrate your chat channel into your app so your customers have the option to chat with your organization from within the app.

Chat Channel Setup

The process of setting up a chat channel differs slightly depending on which type of chat you want your channel to use. You can set up: 

In addition, there are many customization options for your chat channels, including custom pop-ups. Many customizations apply to both types of chat. You can also customize your chat channels using script customizations.