CXone Supervisor

CXone Supervisor is a powerful tool for contact center supervisors.

Using this application, you can manage and boost the overall performance of your teams. It helps you gain insights into agent states and contactClosed The communication with the customer, handled by agent or chat bot over a single channel. A contact may consist of multiple segments. A single channel can be any voice or digital DFO channel such as chat, SMS, and so on. queues. It also measures your team's KPIsClosed An established metric used to measure agent performance and tracks the ongoing activities of your agents. You can view your agents' performance and assist them in real time.

To launch the CXone Supervisor app, click the app selector Icon for App Selector and select Supervisor Icon for CXone Supervisor.

Key Features About CXone Supervisor

  • Insights with detailed state breakdowns and focus indications.

  • Options to filter, sort, and search specific agents.

  • Perform real-time monitoring for voice and Digital Experience (DFO) digitalClosed Any channel, contact, or skill associated with Digital Experience. contacts as well as view their screens.

  • Coach your agents while they are interacting with customers.

  • Record their interactions.

  • Join or take over a contact. When you take over a contact, you can disconnect the agent and manage the rest of the contact yourself.

  • Force an agent to sign out of their agent application.

  • Manage agent skills and proficiencies to balance the contact queues better.

  • View your agent's behavioral scores in real-time focused around CSAT (sentiment) and sales effectiveness (likelihood to buy). This option is available only if your organization uses the behavior guidance feature of Real-Time Interaction Guidance.

  • Quick access to dashboards and BI reports directly from CXone Supervisor. These applications are accessible depending on the licenses for your organization and the permissions assigned to you.

  • Learn more about advanced capabilities with the informative tooltips. You can see an icon Icon with a tooltip for any advanced feature next to any advanced features. When you hover over the icon, a tooltip provides you with more information about the value you can gain from these features. Supervisors can share this information with their colleagues by email.

Make sure you have the right permissions to perform the listed actions.

Online Community

You can access the CXone Supervisor online community, CLUB ONE, by clicking Icon for CLUB ONE online community at the top of the page. Only eligible users can view this icon.

By joining the CLUB ONE community, you can:

  • Learn new skills.

  • Get rewarded.

  • Expand your network with other supervisors.