Business Unit

The business unitClosed High-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your CXone environment, or tenant, is your organizational grouping. If your organization is large or if you're a NICE CXone partner, you may have more than one business unit. You can modify the business unit to change your global environment settings. NICE CXone uses your business unit to manage your technical support and billing. The business unit is organized into multiple tabs:




Enables you to manage global settings for products and features in CXone. From the Details tab, you can:


Displays your usage settings. To modify your usage or reallocate your storage for different purposes, contact your CXone Account Representative.

Custom Fields

User profiles come with five generic fields that you can use for your own purposes. Modify your business unit settings to give these fields names that reflect the information you want them to store.
Accepted Extensions Enables you to specify which file extensions are allowed as email attachments in the agent application.
Time Zones Manages the supported time zones in your business unit. When you add a time zone to the list of those that are allowed for dialing, the dialer can attempt to dial contacts in those time zones with Personal Connection Proactive Voice or Proactive SMS.