This help page is for CXone Studio. This information is also available for Desktop Studio.

Selects a specific DB Provider and configure provider action timeout.

You can also use Setdb to:

  • Change the timeout allowed for query actions. The default timeout is 120 seconds. If you have a query that is expected to take longer than this, you can adjust the timeout accordingly. When a query action times out, the normal response is to resubmit the action to the provider. This may cause undesirable results if the first query is still processing. Typically, the timeout should only expire due to network related problems.
  • Check the condition of a database provider. The Not Available branch condition will be triggered when the selected DB Provider is not connected to CXone, due to maintenance or network failure. In this case, you can avoid processing query actions that will fail.


  • The DB Provider must be set up in CXone prior to use.
  • If you have multiple databases and do not identify which database to use, Studio will use the priority or the first one on the list.
  • Use Setdb to select the DB Provider following all SQL actions (Sqlselect, Sqlexec, Sqltable, and so forth).

Supported Script Types

A square with a line branching from it that goes to three other squares.


Email Chat Phone Voicemail Work Item SMS

Input Properties

These properties define data that the action uses when executing.



Add Caption

Enter a short phrase that uniquely identifies this action in the script. The caption appears on the script canvas under the action icon.

Group Name

The name of the database provider as configured by the NICE CXone administrator.

To find your DB Provider name, go to CXone. Click the app selector and select ACD. Go to ACD ConfigurationDB Connectors. This report will display your DB Provider name(s). If you have any questions about your DB Provider, contact your account manager.

This property is case sensitive. Enter the DB Provider name, not the Service name. The Service name is used when you set up your DB Provider.

Timeout Sec

The maximum number of seconds to wait for a query to process. The default is 10.

Result Branch Conditions

Result branch conditions allow you to create branches in your script to handle different outcomes when an action executes.




Path taken unless the script meets a condition that requires it to take one of the other branches. It is also taken if the action's other branches are not defined.
NotAvailable Path taken when the selected DB Provider is not connected to CXone.